Tribunal Decrees That E. Grof Livestock Violated Health Of Animals Act And Must Pay $6,600 Penalty

Percherons on the Grof Feedlot

Percherons on the Grof Feedlot

Canadian horse kill buyer Jeff Grof is the President of E. Grof Livestock.  Jeff was recently interviewed by Global’s 16X9 television program,  in which he acknowledged that  deceptive individuals can allow tainted horsemeat into the food chain.  Grof also appeared in the news in October 2010, when a driver under his employ, Ronald Fletcher, was involved in a tractor trailer accident that sent a man to Sunnybrook hospital with life-threatening injuries and killed six of the two dozen horses in the trailer, according to police. The surviving horses were subsequently re-loaded on another trailer and continued on to the plant.

This tribunal case concerns the transportation of a Holstein cow for slaughter, in circumstances where it was later discovered that she had a severely infected leg. The respondent, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, alleged, in Notice of Violation 1213ON2616, that on July 2, 2012, at Lindsay, Ontario, the applicant, E. Grof Livestock Ltd. committed a violation, namely “load, transport or cause to be loaded or transported an animal that cannot be transported without suffering: to wit-Holstein cow bearing ear tag 009 639 949 delivered to St. Ann’s Foods.” This is alleged to be a violation contrary to paragraph 138(2)(a) of the Health of Animals Regulations (C.R.C., c. 296), the relevant portions of which read as follows:

  1.  (2)  …no person shall load or cause to be loaded on any railway car, motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel and no one shall transport or cause to be transported an animal

       (a) that by reason of infirmity, illness, injury, fatigue or any other cause cannot be      transported without undue suffering during the expected journey…


Scene of the October 2010 accident (not part of the Tribunal process)

Testifying on behalf of the CFIA and against Grof is Dr. Lori Dykeman,  who describes herself as an “instructor of equine sciences” who is focused on riding,  training,  and studying horsemanship.

From the Tribunal Decision:

Procedural History

[6]  Notice of Violation 1213ON2616, alleging the violation previously described, was issued on December 10, 2012, under signature of Michael Cole, Investigation Specialist of the Agency. The Notice of Violation appears to have been served on E. Grof Livestock at or around December 10, 2012, since on January 10, 2013, the Tribunal received, via fax, a Request for Review from E. Grof Livestock, via a word processed and unsigned memo from Jeff Groff, the President of E. Grof Livestock. No reasons were specified in the Request for Review. Through inquiries, the Tribunal determined that E. Grof Livestock wished to have an oral hearing, in English.


[102]     Consequently, the Tribunal, by order, determines that E. Grof Livestock committed the violation and orders it to pay the Agency a monetary penalty of $6,600 within thirty (30) days after this decision is served.

The entire tribunal decision can be found here.


  1. I am surprised that Grof was even sighted and fined, after all we are talking about the CFIA an agency seen by the general PUBLIC as having little if any credibility.

  2. That is it? $6000? Is that the going rate for buying yourself back into humane dignity? That is an insult to the laws, to the lives of these animals. Not enough!

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