Anti-Slaughter Petitions Will Move Forward – New Hope For Horses In 2015


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Many supporters are feeling profoundly disappointed as a result of Bill C-571 being voted down in the House of Commons.  Truly, the frustration with our current government is justifiable in so many ways.

Yet there is a light on the horizon – the very real possibility that we may have a new government in fall 2015 that will support a bill to end horse slaughter.  Of those who voted, all Liberal MPs and the majority of NDP MPs were in favour of Bill C-571.

It was with great pleasure to see Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau rise in the House and vote in the affirmative for C-571.

When Canada goes to the next federal election in 2015, we strongly suggest that everyone closely examine issues on food safety and animal welfare then find out where the parties stand and scrutinize their track records on both.

102 votes cast for the horses means that 102 MPs are smart enough and educated enough to see the light and someday, the EU will see the light too!

It is very important to keep the issue of horse slaughter in the minds of our legislators.  So let’s keep educating by exposing the slaughter industry.

People can still collect signatures on petitions so we’ve created a new one that doesn’t mention any Bill number and ask that you continue to collect signatures.  The new petition is in English and French.  Please send completed petitions to your own MP.  To find your MP please go here.

Thank you, from the horses!


  1. i wrote a letter to Madam Freeman, the NDP MP who stood in the House and irresponsibly voted against Bill 571. It was most shocking that she ended her contribution to the debate by stating she could not support the bill as it supported jobs in her riding where Horses are slaughtered. I suggested to her that her ethical and moral position would be seen as most troubling to the PUBLIC by shamefully putting COMMERCE ahead of FOOD SAFETY. i also said she should seriously consider sitting in the ranks of the Conservatives where her ethical and moral values are seen in the same light. I copied the letter to Thomas Mulcair.
    I also sent a letter to the editorial of the Windsor Star ,which is the main paper in our area. Seeing MP Jeff Watson is the Conservative representing my area I essentially stated that his vote against Bill571 would be seen by the PUBLIC in this area as irresponsible as well, especially putting COMMERCE ahead of FOOD SAFETY.
    Hopefully the editor at the Windsor Star will print my piece for all in our area to read, as MP Watson should be highlighted for his irresponsible position.

    1. Heather · ·

      well done Dennis…I was thinking the exact same thing about Madam Freeman…I would have thought that someone’s life was more important than 70 jobs!! Thank you.

  2. Horse slaughter must be stopped! It is never humane. The trucks the horses are shipped in are overpacked and horses get harmed in them. Often when a horse is slaughtered it doesn’t die right away. Horses deserve better than this. They are not food, they are our best companions. I am against horse slaughter!

  3. judye822 · ·

    Thank you for some HOPE this Sunday morning. I live in America but work every day on ending slaughter with the SAFE Act!

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  4. Glenda · ·

    It was most disappointing that our PC elected MP’s do not have the same concerns for food safety as their counterparts representing other political parties. Thus the fight continues but we have made grounds and found support in government circles, thus up to us to continue to keep this cause in the public domain. As those whom fought these type of battles before such as the “fur trade, sometimes one cannot change the behavior of the trappers, seal hunters or slaughter plants, but more so public opinion and consumers of these products. We need to go global and point out that the Canadian PC government has no problem exporting unsafe “meat” products to the global community. We need to take lessons from those that made a difference for fur bearing animals etc. We can end the slaughter of horses in North America or at least make the changes necessary that this Bill would have addressed.

  5. Mary-Joe · ·

    This is great and encouraging news. I was greatly encouraged by those 102 MP votes. This is a capitalist government we have in power right now so we couldn’t expect anything else. But 2015 does look encouraging.

  6. Anne Marshall · ·

    Hi I live in Mississauga and don’t know who is our government rep. Can you tell me who it is and how did they vote?

    Thank you,

  7. Victoria McCullough · ·

    Thank you To The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition for encouraging Senator Joseph Abruzzo and myself of the universal ideology that cruelly transporting and slaughtering equines across National Borders for human consumption has too great a compromise to actual Food Safety practices that apply to all other AGRICULTURAL products

    We loved our visit to Ottawa and The pleasure of meeting and supporting such a Gentleman Member as Alex Atamanenko We have arrived home with some ideas and can merge our thoughts for successfully closing our Borders to such a poor excuse for Industry
    We are yours in all endeavors

    Victoria McCullough Architect for change in America for Horses

    1. There is a video on the CHDC’s YouTube channel which shows exactly what happens to US horses once they cross the border into Canada. It can be seen here:

    2. Our deepest thanks to you, Victoria, and to Senator Abruzzo for meeting with us in Ottawa and for sharing your considerable knowledge, skills and influence on this international issue. We are greatly indebted to you for taking the time to join us. You are truly an inspiration, and a reminder of how our countries are complicit in the ongoing mass slaughter of horses, and how we must seek solutions together. We look forward to working with you in order to bring an end to this cruel, disreputable and totally unnecessary industry.

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