Press Release from MP Atamanenko on Bill C-571 yesterday



Alex Atamanenko, MP (BC Southern Interior) issued the following statement in Ottawa regarding parliament’s defeat last night of his Bill C-571 through which he hoped to overhaul the horsemeat industry in the interests of food safety:

“I am very dismayed that my Bill C-571 did not get quite enough support in Parliament to pass on to Committee stage where it would have received thorough scrutiny and proper debate. I had hoped to follow an example set by the EU to have the same food safety standards, transparency and accountability applied to the horsemeat industry as is required of all animals that are raised to produce food for the human food chain.

Horses are commonly and even routinely administered a long list of common medications labelled as toxic and not intended for use in food animals because no safe limits or withdrawals periods have been established.

Unlike the cattle industry where food production is its primary purpose, the horse slaughter for meat industry mainly exists to dispose of the industrial by-product from the equine sporting industry where abuse and overuse of drugs is rampant.

By presenting arguments based on food safety, science and legal accountability, renowned international equestrian Victoria McCullough and Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo recently effected a nearly unanimous and non-partisan decision in the US Congress to keep American slaughterhouses closed to horses. It is striking that Canada’s parliament just voted to ignore the same science and facts to give priority to industry profits.

I would like to thank all my MP colleagues that supported my bill. My warmest thanks go out to all those who worked so tirelessly to gather signatures on petitions and to the thousands of Canadians who signed those petitions or wrote their MPs in support of Bill C-571. A very special thank you to Sinikka Crosland of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition who together with Humane Society International / Canada have worked so hard to bring about action to clean up the shady and irresponsible practices of this unnecessary industry.


For more information contact: Alex Atamanenko, MP – (613) 996

The original press release can be read here.


  1. EponaSpirit · ·

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  2. So disappointed. But want to thank all of you that worked so hard. The USA has made incremental progress, the latest being to ban horse slaughter on USA SOIL, thanks primarily to the Obama administration. We have not made much progress on this or anything with our do nothing CONGRESS. So we certainly do appreciate your predicament. Keep working. The EVIL EYE of the public is focused on this horrible industry and maybe that will bring politicians on board.

  3. cheryl bowe · ·

    The food safety issue with reference to the horses currently slaughtered in Canada is now so blatant for all to see, none of the politicians can claim ignorance. Ludicrous for there to be restricted drugs in all other categories of meat animals, and this “anything goes” attitude with the horses prevails. The danger to all of us is the possibility of the horse meat being slipped into our meat supply fraudulently. The drug residue and the encephalitis threat are real issues. Amazing to me we have gone this long without major incident.
    Now that Canada has refused to better regulate the horse meat they “process” for human consumption, the EU and the rest of the world who currently purchase horse meat from Canada should simply refuse to do so. This unregulated, unknown source horse meat is a serious issue, and Canada has proclaimed a “buyer beware” attitude toward the health of the consumer.
    If horses are to be considered stock animals and their meat intended for human consumption, it should be under the same guidelines as all other animals raised for meat intended for human consumption.
    Those who eat the horse meat from Canada now, are eating horses raised as pets, horses bred to race, sport horses, and the products of irresponsible backyard breeders who then dump their horses at the nearest auction or feedlot. The horses receive all sorts of drugs, the records of which are either nonexistent or do not follow the horse through auction to feedlot and killbuyer.
    Horses are exposed to all sorts of viruses in the feedlot, including strangles and encephalitis, the proof of which is the poor condition many of the rescued from feedlot horses are in and the diseases they come down with in their new homes after their auction and feedlot stress.
    The horses who are not “saved” from slaughter are exposed to all the same diseases, and then go to slaughter and the plate. Bon Appetit my friends.
    Simply refuse to buy horse meat from Canada.
    Mexico’s main source of horse meat is also the U.S…..The EU and Asia are better served raising their own horses under regulated conditions before this ticking health time bomb goes off.

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I forgot to mention that I heard that big cats in Zoos in the US are dying from liver cancer after they were fed horse meat probably shipped to them from Canada. I looked up the number of liver cancer patients in Canada just to see if there could possibly be any connection and the article said that liver cancer had jumped up 30% in the last 8 years, they were concerned. It looks like there are a lot of the public in Canada that eats horse meat on a regular basis. If some of the doctors would start asking their liver cancer patients if they ate horse meat regularly it might expose just how dangerous this meat really is.

  5. Barbara Griffith · ·

    All of the Anti-slaughter bills that have been introduced in the US for the past ten years didn’t even get out of committee for a vote. There is two bills right now sitting gathering dust that will never see the light of day and I blame the US Senate for all of it. With the likes of Harry Reid in congress and Senator John Cornyn TX and politicians like them is the very reason no anti-slaughter bills will ever pass.

  6. Shame on Canada!!

  7. Heather · ·

    Very, very sad day….

  8. This is a sad reflection on the majority government that currently holds power. More horses will suffer, more will die, and the kill buyers will continue to deceive the sorely inadequate Canadian food safety system that does not work, does not protect humans and grossly neglects horses,all while the government turns a blind eye. So very sad, but we will never give up, and one way or the other, this is going to stop-if only it could have stopped now !!

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