Bill C-571


Unfortunately, MP Alex Atamanenko’s Bill C-571 was defeated in the House of Commons today, with 102 votes in favour and 155 against.  All but two brave Conservative members towed the party line and took steps to vote against Bill C-571, and thus to vote against food safety and the humane treatment of horses.  Most Liberal and NDP members stood, as predicted, in support of the bill.  Our warmest thanks are extended to them, and to you, our supporters, who have spent countless hours lobbying for the enactment of this crucial piece of legislation.

It is important to remember that the horses have not lost.  A tremendous amount of public and political awareness has been raised as a result of MP Alex’s efforts.  2015 could easily see a welcome change in government, with a new party in power, and we’ll continue to work on political networking.  Until election time, CHDC is committed to exploring all other available options to stop the slaughter of horses in Canada and their export to slaughter.

Alex Atamanenko NDP MP

Alex Atamanenko NDP MP

We thank MP Alex Atamanenko, from the bottom of our hearts, for the tireless work and commitment that he has put into this cause.  We urge our supporters to personally thank him for his exemplary efforts:

For the horses,

Your friends at CHDC


  1. Thank you to everyone who supported this bill. And shame on those who disregard global food safety so casually.

  2. LinkedIn User · ·

    Where can we find an accounting of how each MP voted? Thank you.

  3. Donal Smith · ·

    Many Thanks to MP Alex Atamanenko is surely due for his effort’s & he was well greeted by his fellow Party Member’s at C-571’s introduction for the Vote but it wasn’t unfortunately supported by his entire Party, let alone all of the Liberal’s which was very disappointing!

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  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Thank you Mr. Atamanenko for your incredible work! You have brought us such a long way on this issue. Now it is time for the rest of us to get back in the saddle to continue the fight.

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    My MP Con-servative Bruce Stanton voted against this bill…he does not care if people eat toxic horse meat…

    1. Laureen · ·

      I will be writting to this idiot today!!!

  7. sosbaiji · ·

    This is very sad news to hear. Definitely time to vote people.

  8. I am saddened by this news, I had hope we would see a surge of compassion for each other and the animals. I am encouraged though by the intelligent statements in support of the Bill and so thankful for Mr. Atamanenko’s frank and thorough research. He laid the foundation to end the import of American horses and I will work even harder here in aMerica to stop the transporation of our unfortunate competitors and companion equines.

    Thank you Canada. We will get this done.

  9. Cathy · ·

    Seriously guys…..You had my vote until this. Wake up or we are stuck with the liberals

  10. Mary-Joe · ·

    Thanks Barbara. You are our next plan B stopping the transportation up here to Canada.

  11. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I will pass on this information and hope somehow sending horses to slaughter in the US can be stopped.

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