Bill C-571 – Update

MP Atamanenko presented his final push for C-571.  You can read what he said here.

Please go here to see responses from other MPs.   Each MP’s speech can be expanded.  They will vote today so please keep contacting your MP!


  1. It is very unfortunate an MP such as Mylene Freeman participate in this debate when it is OBVIOUS from reading her comments she is ignorant of the facts surrounding this industry and Bill571.
    Her conduct is disgraceful as she has opted to represent her voters base instead of the issue of FOOD SAFETY FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND THE HORSE SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY AS IT RELATES TO ALL PEOPLE.
    I fully intend to write her and of course Thomas Mulcair.
    For those who supported the Bill regardless of party affliation they should be commended they PUT FOOD SAFETY OF ALL PEOPLE AHEAD OF CHEAP POLITICS.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    Keep in mind too that the nays are in bed with the slaughter plant owners that donate to their reelections. Just like the Senate here in the US these people don’t care one thing about anyone’s health, their only interest is the money.

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The politicians that said nay to the bill know that when US horses are stopped from being shipped to Canada loaded with Vet drugs that some of their slaughter plants will close down because of no horses coming in. The nays don’t care how many people die from developing diseases after eating horse meat from the US every week just so they get their under the table donations. I checked last week to see if I could find out how many Canadians had developed liver cancer after I found out that big cats in US Zoos were dying from this disease after being fed horse meat that probably was imported from Canada or Mexico. It looks like this disease has jumped up 30 % in just 8 years and no one knows why. I found this on google. The nays also know that it will take a number of years to raise enough horses to make any money on young horses being heavy enough to slaughter based on the slaughter weight of a steer. This is the reason cattle are sent to feed lots to fatten them up before they are slaughtered and the reason the draft horses are so overfed before being killed or flown to Japan for slaughter.

    1. EponaSpirit · ·

      I would love to see the research regarding the Big Cats dying from horse meat. Could you please direct me to that research! Excellent point, thank you.

  4. Kate Syssoloff · ·

    Darn it anyway…. the Nays had it. 😦 Hopefully, it Ayes start coming in!!! It’s a worry.

    Kate Syssoloff

  5. Debbie · ·

    So I am not sure I understand the outcome of this? WILL it go any further?? OR is it DONE?? was tweeting to Parliament for two days so many of us here in the U.S. praying this bill will succeed….

  6. EponaSpirit · ·

    Please tell us what you think the chances are of this getting passed? It is encouraging to see the comments as well. Thank you for all your hard work, here is to hoping that this Bill will end export of our American horses and donkeys to slaughter!

  7. EponaSpirit · ·

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