MP Atamanenko’s press conference summary

May 8th, 2014 – 12:34pm

Alex Atamanenko NDP MP

Alex Atamanenko NDP MP

Ottawa – As the House of Commons heads to a vote next week on his horse slaughter Bill C-571, NDP MP Alex Atamanenko was joined at a press conference today by Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo and Victoria McCullough, owner of Chesapeake Petroleum to discuss US horses that supply Canada’s horse slaughter industry.  Armed with arguments based on science and legal accountability, the two US heavyweights were the driving force behind the US Congress’ recent decision to keep America’s slaughter house doors closed to horses as they have been since 2007.

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  1. Unfortunately in Canada we are governed by a majority Conservative REGIME.
    It puts money ahead of science
    It disregards overwhelming PUBLIC OPPOSITION in favour of money
    It lends a deaf ear to anyone or anything who may disagree.

  2. judye822 · ·

    What I don’t understand the most is…. it isn’t even 6 months!!! Kill buyers from the US are delivering horses directly to slaughter houses from auctions such as New Holland, Sugarcreek and Shipsea. All they need do is sign an affidavit or swear that… to the best of their knowledge the horse had no banned substances during the last 6 months… (Sure! It’s to the best of their knowledge….) …or…. the horse has had no banned substances during the time they owned it… (Sure! They’ve owned it during the time between buying it at the kill sale and delivering it to the slaughterhouse…) Horse meat is not safe to eat. Horse meat typically contains many of the 379 substances banned from use in products for human consumption. Maybe enough people have to get sick and die to stop horse slaughter. Of course, though, it’s big money funding it…. Take a look at Dallas Crown in Kaufman, TX, paying $5.00 to the IRS in taxes on the sale of $12,000,000.00 worth of product.
    BRAVO! Alex Atamanko and all the Canadian people who care about the human race along with our equines!!!!

    1. kathyh · ·

      Then on top of all You mentioned..Canada only tests a tiny fraction of the total number of horses slaughtered for residuals…and off to consumer markets it goes..never mind how it got there and what may be in it…Kb’s are bottom feeders..rounding up random horses of unknown origin, unknown chain of ownership, unknown drug/disease/medical history, not traceable back beyond the KB.. and shipping to slaughter for Human other meat is sourced in this way..and relies on the declaration of bottom feeding KB’s to assert the horses on their trailers are free of banned substances/disease..via a single document that is not worth the paper its printed on..and further not subjected to being tested at much higher rates..considering the source..No other meat is sourced this way for the consumer market(s)..Why the hell are horses the exception?????

  3. I so hope they will chose to in the toxic ,corrupt and inhumane business of slaughtering our companion horses

    1. (That was suppose to be End, not in)

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