US heavy-weights join Atamanenko on Parliament Hill to take aim at horse meat industry

OTTAWA – New Democrat MP, Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) is holding a press conference to discuss his private members bill to restrict the slaughter of horses to only those raised primarily for human consumption and which carry a lifetime medication history.  Bill C-571 is up for its second hour of debate on Monday, May 12 following which a vote is likely to be held on Wednesday May 14.

To see who’s joining MP Atamanenko, please continue reading here.


  1. Who is raising horses to sell for meat? Does some one know any one who is?

    1. V Fisher · ·

      Quite a few around the Calgary area. One ships live to Japan. Bill des Barres, of Alberta Equestrian Federation, breeds and sells his “extras” for meat.

  2. I’m hoping logic will prevail and that the slaughter pipeline will be curtailed. Have written to all the key players in Canada and the United States in support of C-571. This team will definitely have the power of persuasion on their side.
    Let’s be encouraged that MP Atamenenko can get this legislation supported and passed. Our horses in both countries need this to happen!

  3. EponaSpirit · ·

    Go and enlighten them to all of the ways they are exploited! Thank you Victoria and Joe for always being consistent in your support, you are the best friend any equine could ever have!

  4. V Fisher · ·

    GO, GO, GO!!!

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