Bill C-571 – Final Push – The horses need you!

CharlotteFrom Charlotte Uhrich:

Ok, warriors.  We are coming close to the second reading for Bill C-571. This debate will take place on May 12th, and the vote on the Bill will happen on May 14th. We ALL need to do our part and once again encourage MP’s to support this very important Bill.

This is our final chance to make a historical change for the better in Canada! Let’s do this!  Please invite all Canadians to this event. Americans can also shoot out some emails, can’t hurt for our politicians to hear from you as well on this issue.

Please go here for more information and sample letters for your MP.




  1. sosbaiji · ·

    If you want to get re-elected, you better respect and listen to your waiting public.

  2. Roger Cowen · ·

    We who pay taxes in Alberta Pay for your Salary so it’s about time that the Elected Politicians of this Province and Country all work for us the People and what we the People Say Goes . The People of Alberta want the Wild Horse cull STOPPED !

    1. sosbaiji · ·

      The people pay the taxes, the people want the horse cull stopped, it is your duty in a democracy to listen to what the people want and take action and do it.

  3. In the process of writing my letter from an American as laws about food destined for export should be a concern by neighboring countries…

  4. Heather · ·

    Just sent my letter…unfortunately my MP never responds, but when his assistant does, sometimes many months later, it is the same comment every time…blah, blah, blah. I don’t think he reads my letters at all. Let’s hope there are enough of them that do to make a difference this time.

  5. Mary-Joe · ·

    I have written my MP several times already. I thought this time I would call. I had a nice conversation with her assistant and put forth my views. The assistant took an interest in the issue. She never knew that horses were being slaughtered for meat and that humans actually ate horses. I am hoping my MP supports us. Anyone can ask to speak to their MP. If they can’t have a conversation with you they will ask their assistants to speak with you.

  6. Thank you from California. I willl write encouraging thankful letters. This is our chance too.

  7. sosbaiji · ·

    Just sent my letter to my MP.

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