Canada’s Parliament Considers Bill Limiting Horse Slaughter

From Food Safety News


twosnowhorses_406x250The most recent ban on equine inspections by USDA meat inspectors has moved the horse slaughter debate up to Canada’s House of Commons.

A Member of Parliament (MP) from southeastern British Columbia hopes that a final hour of debate next month can persuade the country’s federal lawmakers to pass his bill limiting slaughter only to those horses raised as feed animals with complete medical records. MP Alex Atamanenko’s legislation (C-571) is a private member’s bill, meaning that the government did not request it.

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  1. Too bad, ban killing of horses, it is uncivilized.

  2. Whatever happens in Canada, US killbuyers are going to keep showing up at auctions and obtaining equines under false pretenses. It is up to the US Congress to pass The SAFE Act and the PAST Act since American voters want these bills passed. The Ag Committee is responsible for the 2011 games and done behind the President’s and the taxpayers backs. In the House of Reps under Speaker John Boehner, bills sit with the Ag Committee along with other tax subsidized Ag industries. Check Thomas listing for those bills from the Library of Congress site. Americans have to persist in education of voters as well as contacts to Congress members. Unless we force Congress to act, the obstructionists will continue to lie and take cash for their games. The misinformation being spread is common and must be counteracted by informed voters, everywhere. The Associated Press is also guilty of biased reporting. See If we are not aware of the lying, we can’t stop these offshore ripoff industries from using us for their toxic products. We lose 123 million tax dollars a year to this scam, in the US. Canada is undoubtedly losing tax dollars, as well. Until these slaughter industries are removed from influencing corrupt politicians, everyone will suffer. No slaughter industry offers any “safe” product. There is no such thing as a “safe” slaughter product, no matter what the marketing says. While we fight these ripoff industries, we also have to remove the consumer dollars supporting these industries. We pay the business costs for these corporations and the healthcare costs for consuming their toxic products. These notorious industries must go. This information has been around for a while. It is up to us to spread the truth and it is up to us to change our ways and find non-toxic food products. As long as we go on buying products created by corporations who abuse employees, animals, tax dollars and consumers we will never be able to shut them down and get rid of them. Typical example of corporate slaughter: Tyson

    Get rid of these ripoff corporations. Act. The US government site Pass The SAFE Act and the PAST Act now. If we act, these corporations will be affected. If we refuse to act, nothing will change. Never forget, we are paying for it all.

  3. apparently they didn’t like my comment…..

    1. andalvin1962 · ·

      Yes, they did, I see a comment from you there.

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