Bill C-571 – REMINDER!

Please remember to keep contacting your MP with the facts about horse slaughter.  It will soon be time for MP Atamanenko to have Bill C-571 debated a second time.  The next couple of weeks are crucial  because soon after the second debate, the House will vote on whether  the bill goes forward or dies.

LPN holding pen 11-Jul-11Passing 571 will put an end to slaughter for the vast majority of horses who suffer that fate currently.   With so few being eligible for slaughter this could effectively end the industry in Canada.

With MP Atamanenko retiring next year action now is critical as there hasn’t been any other MP who has come forward to champion for horses at risk.

This is the first and likely the last Canadian legislation going before the House for a very long time that actually addresses this issue!

Once this last hour of debate is over, there will be nothing forthcoming for the horses for possibly years to come!!!

For our friends in the US, you can help too!  Tell the Canadian Ambassador to the US, Gary Doer,  that you will not visit Canada until horse slaughter is history.  You can also send messages to the US Ambassador in Ottawa, Bruce Heyman  and tell him that most of the horses slaughtered in Canada are from the US!

Also, please copy the following with any correspondence that you send to your MP or the Ambassadors.

The horses thank you!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A2

Mr. Gerry Ritz
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Mr. Malcolm Allen
NDP Agriculture Critic

Mark Eyking
Liberal Agriculture Critic

Justin Trudeau

Thomas Mulcair

And please don’t forget HSI’s petition.



  1. Dan Salzano · ·

    I will use the email given in your blog, to voice my displeasure and opposition to the slaughtering of horses in Canada. This is totally outrageous to kill these beautiful creatures.

  2. Debbie · ·

    I’m praying here in the U.S. Will be writing to those two men!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  3. The BIll C-571 will stop the slaughter of these horses and end the horrible death, we in the US are not happy that this is going on. The siging of this Bill C-571 will stop the meat from going over seas and not get people sick or have them die, this is a fact and we should be for poeople where ever they are and stop the suffering of these horses who have done nothing wrong except be horses. They were not raised to be food.

  4. · ·

    Please also advise the members that their MPs must comply with any requests by their constituents to be spoken to. If they can’t because of work schedule than the MP will have one of his/her staffers call and get details of whatever the constituents wants to “verbally” discuss. At this stage calling and requesting a conference with their MP will have more impact. The Bill has gone through the house so all MPs know about it (unless they are all living under a rock). No written explanations are needed. Calls hold more weight at this stage. Verbally ask them to support this BILL.

    Mary-Joe Figueira
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