Equine Canada Writes Surprisingly Uninformed Letter to Bill C-571 Author – Relies on Debunked GAO Report

myth vs factFor the first time,  the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is revealing the content of a letter sent from Equine Canada to MP Alex Atamanenko,  author of the Bill C571,  which was recently read in the House of Commons.

In it,  the author of the letter,  EC President Al Patterson,  relies on the now infamous GAO report,  which was effectively debunked by John Holland of the Equine Welfare Alliance, to prop-up their position on horse slaughter in Canada.

Also surprising is the fact that mention of the GAO report was only made in this letter,  and was not referenced anywhere else that we could see,  not on the Equine Canada website or in other communications where horse welfare advocates could see it.  Perhaps it was only sent to MPs since they,  unlike horse advocates,  would be unaware that it had been debunked?

Please read the Equine Canada letter below:


Please read Alex Atamanenko’s reply to Mr. Patterson here.

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  1. Heather · ·

    I just sent a letter to most of the people on the contact us page for EC…we should all do the same and maybe they will get the message that they need to get facts straight.

  2. Heather · ·

    Well said Mr. Atamanenko!! It is sad to think that EC states how they are recognized and supported by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.

  3. Such a sham, this letter, ungoverned by either true understanding of the wild horses or by compassion!

  4. V Fisher · ·

    Great response by MP Atamanenko! Canada needs an alternate to Equine Canada. A horse organization that actually supports equestrianism, and not something that represents a front to horse slaughter. An organization that does not depend on funding from Big-Ag and a pro-slaughter government. It is up to the membership (that’s you) to inform Equine Canada, and all inter-provincial horse organizations, that you do NOT support horse slaughter, and you do NOT want a portion of your membership fees going to fund this despicable cruelty. Hand in your memberships people, and let them know why you are doing so.

    1. V Fisher · ·

      Here I am replying to myself…HA! I think it’s great that we can leave our comments here and show our support, but I hope everyone who reads these two letters also respond to those letters. Mr. Patterson must be told how wrong he is in supporting horse slaughter, and Mr. Atamanenko should also be given a big thank you for replying to Equine Canada. Nothing changes if we don’t make it change. Thanks.

  5. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The letter certainly told Equine Canada where to get off. I had to laugh at the BS that Equine Canada has been trying to spread around they must be using the talking points of the Racing Industry, the Quarter Horse breeders and numerous others here in the US. The racing industry kept it quiet for years about just how they disposed of their injured TBs that couldn’t win anymore because of being worn down from never getting a break from the constant racing, or injures that were never allowed to heal. If they couldn’t race anymore off to the slaughter plant. The brood mares are all done the same way the instant they can’t breed anymore they are shipped out and used a business tax write off.

  6. No surprise about Equine Canada… Seems to be very similar to the US Horse Council who claims a ‘neutral’ position but isn’t. It really is absurd that any drugged or doped horse can be food tomorrow – by the stroke of a pen. What is terrorism?
    Mr. Atamanenko’s response was right on! I especially appreciated: “animal abuse is a criminal activity that should be enforced under existing law. It is not in any way a justification upon which to risk the safety of the food supply”.

  7. Just as a note to add to the general situation: any consumption of animal related products (any living creature) is harmful to human health. That has been shown to be the case repeatedly over the years. (See Mercy for Animals and articles by Vickery Eckhoff and others.)

    Vegans are becoming the norm now especially for young people who care about their own health. I live in an area known for being behind the times and even here, vegans are on the rise and vocal. Local businesses are responding to the demand for intelligent alternatives to a typical toxic western diet. I live here and I was surprised by the common demand, even here in my old hometown.

    Please continue to pressure the US Congress through http://www.USA.gov to pass The SAFE Act & the PAST Act. Americans are delighted to see the fine work of anti-slaughter Canadians, who are forced to endure this ripoff industry in their own country.
    To pass The SAFE Act etc, we have to get going. We have very little time left. Congress is still corrupt and some members are intent on their special interest funding.

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