Bill C-571 has second reading

From Open Parliament:

Alex Atamanenko British Columbia Southern Interior, BC
moved that Bill C-571, An Act to amend the Meat Inspection Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Act (slaughter of equines for human consumption), be read the second time and referred to a committee…

alex introduces bill

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The horses really need your help!  Please contact your MP and present the facts about horse slaughter to them and ask that they support Bill C-571.


  1. MP Mark Eyking was kind enough to reply to my letter around this issue on January 2014. MP Eyking indicated he would support C322 now 571.

  2. Jean Hattie · ·

    Reply to my letter sent to Alain Giguere (Marc-Aurele-Fortin, Quebec)…”New Democrats believe in ensuring that the transport and slaughter of animals is both safe and humane in all cases.” (letter dated March 23, 2014)
    Reply to my letter sent to Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay-Superior North, Ontario) with The Green Party of Canada…”The current horse slaughter industry is neither humane to horses nor safe for Canadians. This problem has been allowed to exist for too long, and Bill C-571 would effectively solve it. For that reason, I fully support Mr. Atamanenko’s bill and will absolutely vote in favour of it.”
    (letter dated March 20, 2014)

  3. Mary-Joe · ·

    What irks me is Equine Canada’s non-support of this bill. They push horse welfare and spirit of the horse and yet they think that their members need access to horse slaughter. It is the slaughter industry that greases their coffers. They don’t want to lose the greasing. Sad, such bigotry and hypocrisy!

    1. Christine · ·

      I agree Mary-Joe!

  4. mpclark · ·

    At least you got 571 this far. I hope more is to come from Canada. These updates are helpful.
    The SAFE Act is still sitting in Congress here. There have been no other updates on this bill from any Congress members and we have limited time to get the bill passed.
    I have heard nothing about any legislative actions in Mexico. If anyone has heard of any actions, please post that or any Mexican source which seems creditable for use on social media.
    I heard about the EU success from an Animal Angels contact. That is positive, at least.

  5. Were they the only two others that commented?

  6. When John Stuart Mill labeled British Conservatives “the Stupid Party” in the 19th century, he must have had a future vision of the CANADIAN CONservative party!

  7. Anne Streeter · ·

    My MP, the Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mounty Royal), supports this bill.

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