“RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES” – A Long Distance Horseback Ride To Support the S.A.F.E and P.A.S.T. Acts

Robynne CatheronSeveral hundred US legislators have not signed on to co-sponsor the S.A.F.E. Act. This is such an important piece of legislation, but it’s been sitting in committee for a year.

Currently, only 167 out of 435 Representatives and 27 out of 100 Senators are on board. Too many Americans are simply not aware of this important issue, and so have not contacted their legislators to ask them to co-sponsor it.

This is the objective of Robynne Catheron’s RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES, and she asks all anti-slaughter advocates to help her…. Robynne is 60 years old and retired from the U.S. Navy. Her husband and granddaughter live in upstate New York and share a very small farm with their horses, donkeys, mule, chickens, dogs and cats. Horses have always been a big part of Robynne’s life, so it made perfect sense for her to advocate for their welfare. She is determined to become their voice, fight for their humane treatment, and help protect their very lives.

Starting in April, Robynne is riding horseback from Ohio to Delaware to raise awareness of and help get the S.A.F.E. Act (S541/HR1094, Safeguard American Food Export) passed. Also on her agenda will be drawing attention to the PAST Act (S1406/HR1518, Prevent All Soring Tactics).  The two horses she will be riding are both Tennessee Walking Horses. George belongs to Robynne, and the other horse is Sampson, who was saved directly from the slaughter pen at Camelot, an auction house in New Jersey, and is on loan to Robynne for her trip.

Sampson is a TWH who had been used as a Big Lick show horse. He had been sored and Sampson - former Big Licker horseforced to wear the heavy pads and chains that are commonly used in the performance horse show ring to grossly exaggerate the Walking Horse’s gait. Sampson was one of the few fortunate ones; he found a kind and knowledgeable home with the woman who purchased him from the auction, where he could recover and rehabilitate, and be retrained as a trail horse.

RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES will cover well over 1,150 miles and crosses at least four states. Robynne’s goal is to talk with every single person she meets and encourage them to contact their legislators immediately, and insist they co-sponsor these bills. It should take about three months for her to complete the ride from central Ohio to the coast of Delaware. Her youngest granddaughter, Chelsea, is her crew. She will be responsible for transporting Robynne’s second horse, setting up camp each night, and coordinating with media and local civic community leaders in upcoming towns.

If you can donate to Robynne’s cause, please remember that no amount is too small, and every dollar is appreciated. Any funds not used will be donated to an anti-slaughter advocacy group. The S.A.F.E. Act will not only protect American horses from the nightmare of slaughter, it will prevent the horses from being transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, and will stop their drug-tainted meat from being shipped overseas for human consumption.

Please visit Robynne’s Facebook page RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES

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Goal $3,000



  1. I have purchased four of her Tee Shirts being sold to help Robynne to raise the funds she needs. She needs immediate help. Go to her Facebook page and I am pretty sure her tee shirt connection is there.

  2. Thank you so much for giving her the much needed exposure for the SAFE Act! Also, to help fund her trip, you can buy a wonderful t-shirt that will also open dialogue with others in your community when you wear it! Or please consider donating in order to fund a certain portion of her trip, please contact your local newspapers and ask them to interview her if there are towns near where you live! WE need more people to start giving her their support! http://www.wallyhawk.com/products/t-shirts/ride-for-their-lives-shirt

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  4. andalvin1962 · ·

    What a great lady! What a great horse! To see that he’s a rescue shows how wrong the slaughterphiles are. Every horse has value, every one of them!

  5. Time to rally the horse soldiers!!

  6. Go Robynne!!! You are awesome! 🙂

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