CHDC Completes 4th ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Late Stage Pregnant Mares Shipped Again

Mare in late stage pregnancy (does not depict either mare described in the ATI documents)

Mare in late stage pregnancy (does not depict any of the mares described in the ATI documents)

Once again we read that late-term mares were shipped and no one flagged them in an obvious state of pregnancy.  One would assume that the CFIA inspectors and the veterinarian on staff at LPN would be sufficiently familiar with horse physiology to recognize a late term pregnant mare and, at the minimum, flag these mares for greater scrutiny before slaughter.

Also in this ATI, an additional mare arrives at LPN and is dehydrated over 12% – a case where imminent death would be expected if action not taken immediately.  The mare received no water during her transport and while in the pens at LPN,  her proximity to a dominant horse had prevented her from drinking.

A pregnant mare in the last 10% of gestation is considered to be a fragile animal and unfit for transport.  Its resistance to stress is weakened.  Hazards of travel are greater for pregnant mares due to the lack of available drinking water, close proximity to more dominant or aggressive horses,  and the duration of the trip itself.

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  1. Please send this article and the 3 other ATIs to your MP with a letter asking them to support Bill C-571.

  2. Jean Hattie · ·

    If the horses are being imported into Canada for slaughter, is there no inspection of these horses done at the Border Crossings coming into Canada? Shouldn’t something be done at that point before these poor souls ever get to the slaughter plant? Is there any information available about the process at the Border crossing coming into Canada?

    1. They do not know what’s on any given shipment until they break the seal when the trailer arrives.

  3. There has to be a way to get this information to Europe and to the other countries that import horsemeat from Canada. The CFIA and all others that profit from the slaughter of horses in this country could care less about how sordid and cruel the whole industry is as there only interest is in making money.

  4. Reblogged this on Hippies for Horses and commented:
    When it comes to horse slaughter – all the rules and regulations are ignored by the killbuyers and the slaughter plants and nothing is done by the regulators of those plants! We must get the Safeguard for American Food Export Act of 2013 passed — it will close the borders to horse slaughter. Closing the borders could close some of those plants down since a majority of the horses come from the USA.

    1. In 2012, 73% of the horses slaughtered horses came from the USA.

      1. I knew it was very high but I didn’t want to write something that wasn’t accurate. Thanks for clarifying the stats for 2012. Have the stats for 2013 come out yet?

  5. Donikash · ·

    What has to be done to make sure all those officials who are employed by Canadians to uphold Canadian laws do their job?

  6. darlene · ·

    Makes me sick and angry. 1st why people breed and then send them to slaughter, 2nd why do they allow this to keep happing. Vets and inspectors need to start doing their jobs!!!!!!! This is completely wrong and so evil!!!!

  7. Marie-France · ·

    I am revolted, angry and saddened by the lack of humanity that is shown towards these beautiful animals. I am completely opposed to horse slaughter. We do not need, or should not be eating horsemeat or exporting it. When are we going to stop it? And when will we treat other species with the compassion they deserve? It is a new low for the human race.

  8. Please send this article to your US DC representative and demand the ban on horse slaughter (SAFE Act) be passed as soon as possible. This report reveals the callousness with which horses are treated – completely absent humane compassion and is unconsciable. Please do this today. The politicians CANNOT say they did not know.

  9. Marjorie Crystal · ·

    It appears the Veterinarians, horse handlers, truck drivers and other employess should be held responsible and charged with failure to report an offense, it is clearly neglect and animal cruelty and there will be charges in this matter.

    1. Marie-France · ·

      I definitely agree with you. Where is the accountability?

  10. Sick. These people that slaughter have no regards for any life. The Grinch had a bigger heart. The horse owners should be fined for sending a mare close to foaling. I bet the works enjoy bashing that baby as it’s born.

  11. Disgusting! Taking any life is wrong but two – an unborn foal – what absurd story do you tell yourself so you can sleep at night – pathetic – no excuses for this!!!

  12. There is absolutely zero excuse for this. This is intolerable.

  13. This is unforgivable. Horse slaughter is bad enough but this is terrible. Stop treating horses like they have no value. IMHO, they are the most valuable animal on earth. And until they are so treated I will fight horse slaughter and horse abuse both of which apply here. STOP!

  14. teresa · ·

    i think we should put all animal cruelty assholes in their own state and let them torture each other….

  15. I am just heart sick reading this and feel so helpless to stop this terrible inhumanity for this mares. The suffering these people put upon these animals is nothing short of evil.

    1. Yes I agree with you….these are not people they are monsters.

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