Video of horse slaughter industry in North and South America

new videoSwiss animal advocacy group, Tierschutzbund, has an English language version of their recent video expose which can be viewed here.  We’re very pleased to see this excellent European exposure of the issues surrounding horse slaughter.


  1. It is a tragic situation that we must stoop to desecrate those animals, after depriving them of their land, in the so called name of progress. It is hoped that we will/shall have the same thing happen to us, in the name of progress, whatever that name should be interpreted as.

  2. Comedy flyer,I have been trying to get Ontario Premier K Wynne and Andrea Horwath NDP Opposition in Ontario to move a motion stating they support C571. The letters I have sent asks them that in the event they do not support the bill that they reply stating their SPECIFIC reasons.
    Like you, it seems hell will freeze over before they reply, however I will continue writing.

    1. Way to go Dennis….Hang in there…I post everything I can on Conservative Bruce Stanton’s facebook page..I will not stop until he admits that he is wrong about everything he says to me in those emails. All the Conservatives are interested in is making money. They let nothing get in the way of that goal. Scary..even if it means lies upon lies.

  3. Even if the Legislation passes in the US, not ALL horses are included. Horses may still be slaughtered for Carnivore Consumption. Zoos, Theme Parks with ‘Safari Parks’ still feed horse meat to their carnivores. Until ALL horses are included, NO horse will be truly safe. Then there is the problem of the Borders, every vehicle with horses that crosses a Border to Canada and Mexico must be inspected by the US Department of Transportation. If we try to get it banned state by state we are faced with lobbyists from the Horse Councils, The Farm Bureau, State Agriculture Departments all of which work with State Legislators to ‘compromise’ and allow this cruel death to continue to transpire. Who gets to choose which horses live or die? No horse is S.A.F.E. !

  4. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you for posting this….heartbreaking.

  5. Glenda · ·

    This is exactly where this fight needs to go-to the Europeans and than other parts of the world whom buy our horses/horsemeat. If we cannot convince our own Federal Government as to the unsafety of this “meat”, than we sure can let the rest of the world know that what they are buying and eating is not safe. This action may finally “stop the buying” which will than “stop the slaughter”! It has worked in the “fur” and seal” trades with some success. Limited dollars may be best spent putting up posters, circulating video’s around the world as to the fact that Horse Meat from Canada and USA is absolutely not safe! This message could be sent to every schoolkid in those countries so as to ensure the young understand as the old/governments always seem to be the hardest to convince to change.

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    posted this on Conservative Bruce Stanton’s facebook page..this video refutes everything he says about this vile horse slaughter industry…

  7. Posted this video on Con- servative Bruce Stanton’s facebook page . I asked him how much more proof did he need that this video refutes everything he says about this horrific horse slaughter industry..especially since this video is from Europe…waiting for a reply….I bet my computer will grow fungus on it before he replies.

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