Action Alert – Ask the Minister of Health to Answer to Tainted Horsemeat Evidence

Alert 11-Mar-14_Page_1This Action Alert has been sent out to CHDC supporters.


  1. Most recently I emailed K. Wynne and A Horwath inquiring as to why there has been no response to the Nov 13 letter of the CHDC seeking their support for a program.
    I also wrote to these same people asking them to move a motion saying the Parties support bill C322 which is revised to C571. To date no response.
    And yes I will write to MP R Ambrose.

    1. Thank you Dennis…….

  2. How can you sleep at night doing what you do?

  3. We criticize China for not having any concerns for animal welfare but Canada is not any better. Until you can kill animals humanely, truly humanely – not using equipment meant for cattle, it must be off the table. Furthermore, transparency is needed here. The government is sponsoring horse raising. Perhaps people ought to know the plight of these animals – it would make a difference. Horse slaughter is a dirty business that needs emergency, immediate attention. This is where our tax dollars should go.

  4. Maureen Riddle · ·

    Aren’t there any rich or corporate people who care about this that could get the gov’ts attention?

  5. I sincerely hope you are more understanding than Gerry Ritz…sorry I cannot put his title in front of his name…he is a horseturd…I watched 16 x 9 and I have sent emails to Harper, Ritz and Redford telling them about the inhumanity of horse slaughter in Canada for years…and what do the above people want to do…they want ranchers to raise horses for slaughter just like cattle..they are so sick in the is the root of all evil……This is an industry racked with injustices to our heritage animal…In Alberta our wildhorses went to war in the thousands and never returned and this is how we repay them…the words feral and invasive exotic have to go and these free roaming wildhorses must be protected from the ugly horseslaughterhellhouses…they slaughter racehorses, domestic horses and the greed that our governments salivate over has to be stopped…I have morals…this is so wrong and I would like it stopped.

    1. Sharron R · ·

      Amen to Carol Lucas’s comment

  6. Anne Streeter · ·

    I have written to Ambrose & have asked others to do likewise.


    1. Thank you Anne………

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