CHDC Completes 3rd ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Horse Suffering Revealed Again

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(Not the Percheron depicted in the attached article)

This extract from the CHDC’s ATI request from LPN concerns a 25 year-old Percheron mare who had fallen down in a trailer on the 401 in Toronto en route to the LPN plant in June 2011.

The driver continued on to LPN knowing the mare was down causing her to endure pain and suffering for possibly 6 hours or more.

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  1. sick, sick, sick…that is how this story makes me. Can you imagine the terror these horses go through and to leave them on the truck, in the summer heat with no water, just because they can stay there for 36 hours. We really need our government to stop this inhumane treatment of horses. We can make the change with our votes!!!

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