Wild horse capture continues in Alberta, as do protests

Global Feb 2014 From Global News:

By Jill Croteau and Melissa Ramsay  Global News

CALGARY – There is just a week left until Alberta’s wild horse capture comes to an end, but those opposed to the controversial practice aren’t ready to stop their protests just yet.

Shannon Mann is putting in an around-the-clock effort as she fights to end the capture.

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  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    What is wrong with with the Premier of Alberta! What a hard hearted woman! A handful of horses against the power of the cattle industry! What animal is less normal and does more damage! No contest! Shame on the Premier who can stop this atrocity!

  3. God bless you strong horse warriors for standing up and standing strong for the horses! Thank you. It was great to hear that some were saved but horrible to hear that some went for processing (I so hate that word processing). Alberta is disgusting and run by unfair people that have no respect.

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