CHDC Supporters Pose for “Selfies” With Horse Slaughter Advert in Ottawa

Two CHDC Supporters pose with our street-level advertising in Ottawa earlier this week while visiting Winterlude.  As you can see,  the poster is of large size and is highly visible, and even includes a scannable QR code for those with the app installed on their smart phones.

Thanks to April and Pauline for taking the time to visit and take photos!


  1. christina · ·

    yes because the over growing population of equines in the usa is not showing us that even thought horse slaughter is not the nice’s way to keep the population down it is a necessary evil. In the usa it is hard enough to give away a horse never mind sell them and just so you know I am not talking about grade horses. I am talking about top end registered horses that nobody wants to buy. There is just to many flooding the market. Crap people are just releasing these poor horses because they don’t want them or want to pay out to put them down and the poor horses have no idea how to survive outside of captivity. So ya go ahead and support Bill C- 571, lets make the same dumb ass mistake the usa did and kill our equine market.

    1. Where are these released horses you speak of? Slaughter is still, sadly, an option for any horse owner. Just take the horse to an auction where a friendly kill buyer awaits ready to whisk the unlucky horse off to the slaughterhouse. Anyone who abandons a horse to fend for himself is lazy and cruel. Abandonment is animal abuse, plain and simple.

      People whine that euthanasia is too expensive but if you can afford gas, rent, food etc. etc. then you can have a horse put down or, at the very least, taken to auction. For their service to us, they deserve a dignified end of life which is not what the slaughterhouse offers.

  2. “Way to go!!” … Thanks so much for giving your support and time for the poor horses, who deserve a much better ending when comes the time, then these concentration camps. God bless and may this new BILL become reality…

  3. Good luck to you .. !! .. a very courageous effort .. !! .. hopes and prayers the bill passes for you .. ~

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