5th Petitioning Campaign Wrap-up

In light of MP Alex Atamanenko’s January 31st decision to bring forward his new Private Members’ Bill, C-571, for debate and not Bill C-322, the CHDC is wrapping up their 5th Petitioning Campaign early.  Please click here for the results.


  1. Now,,,, what happens with INK on Paper Petitions for BILL C-571? How is this going to follow? Thanks

  2. You know it has to be cold where it is, and to let them stand out in the cold , mares and foal little foals, it is heart less, the more I see the way people are abusing horses and other animals I am wondering what happened to this country? Is the $ so much more then to treat the animals with compassion and respect? This is sick, sure is not a nation or country that cares. Horrible way to treat any thing, I bet no feed or water? You all need a wake up call if this is okay to do this .

    1. I agree Daryl, especially the foals and with no food for them to generate heat they will freeze…yes horses do get cold. It is so very, very sad to see this. The only way for change is to vote in a responsible government…one who takes this issue seriously.

      1. For some reason they caused the problem and they get up set with what they have here in the states all the horses stocked pile in pens, they do not take good care of them, nor do they care any thing about them, we need to clean house and get people in that have a heart. The BLM need to start listening to the people who pay for all this, we the voters and tax payers, we are not happy with what they are doing and have been doing. Pretty sorry people if you ask me.

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