CHDC Writes Letter to Shania Twain Protesting Her Performance at the Calgary Stampede

Shania TwainMs. Shania Twain

Dear Ms. Twain:

On behalf of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, I would like to urge you to reconsider your booking at the Calgary Stampede this year.

The CHDC is gravely concerned about the treatment of animals, including horses, who are unfortunately submitted to the rodeo circuit.  While we are primarily involved in bringing a stop to the practice of horse slaughter in Canada, we cannot overlook high-risk and cruel activities that often result in the maiming and premature deaths of horses who have no choice but to buck and race for the sake of human entertainment.  The condition of the hooves of rodeo horses, who clearly do not receive proper farrier care, is frankly appalling.  Further, it is a fallacy that these horses buck due to their “wild” nature; instead, the disturbing truth is that tight cinch straps cause a painful stimulus that encourages the crowd-pleasing reaction characteristic of rodeo events.  Injuries are commonplace at the Stampede and other rodeos.  Chuckwagon races have resulted in the deaths of numerous horses over the years; as well, human fatalities have been known to occur during certain events.

Many Canadian rodeo aficionados cite tradition, culture and athleticism as justification for chuckwagon accidentevents such as steer-riding, chuck wagon racing, and calf-roping.  In the face of increased public critique,  animal welfare groups are helping to shed light on the cruelty of these events.  For instance, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) calls rodeos “a cruel form of entertainment that involves the painful, stressful and potentially harmful treatment of livestock.”

At the end of their rodeo careers, what happens to injured or “spent” horses?  Five equine slaughterhouses exist in Canada currently, and they are more than eager to accept rodeo horses for slaughter. As documented by CTV, horses from the Calgary Stampede are no exception:  The rodeo is, in fact, a cruel detour to the slaughterhouse for many of these animals.

calf-ropingThe Calgary Stampede is heralded around the world as the Greatest Show on Earth.  Most animal advocates know it is nothing short of a modern day forum for the perpetuation of animal cruelty and abuse in entertainment.

Ms. Twain, we know that you are an ethical vegetarian who cares about the plight of horses and other animals.  Please act on their behalf today and cancel your appearance at the Calgary Stampede.  Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

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  1. Manel Dias · ·

    Please Shania please if you love these magnificent Horses please don’t even think about helping to come to Calgary and to perform for the Calgary Stampede. The way these heartless ruthless people treat the horses are beyond belief. EVER YEAR there were Horses had to put down in this Stampede grounds. Every year it happened and yet every year the same Barbaric practice brings forward. We live in a 21st centuary. According to the modern era the treatment towards these sentient beings as well need to be changed. No animal being born to be owned by a human murderer. These animals are god’s creations and not for some subhumans to torture and get the wicked pleasure out of it. Those calf roping is another brutal practice. Yet they called it a sport, How uncivilized and evil to say that it is a sport. Making this tiny baby cows to run for their life and heafty fat barreled massive sized scum humans jumps on them to toppled and tie their hands and legs with such harsh manner??? and it is called a sport. ??? Those are first class morons. So now you are going to support this massive animal abuse group in Calgary?? I am beyond disgusted. I had so much respect & love towards you earlier…but if you go & support this unpardonable sinners group it will be totally devastating to so many of your fans for sure. Please don’t go. Please cancell the appearance.

  2. 007 wow now thats creative,and believe you me i am very informed on all sides of this protest and your silly comments

  3. Well written letter.

  4. I say why drag Ms Twain into your protesting of the Calgary Stampede and use your group and voice to help stop the round up of the wild horses in Alberta where it is really needed

    1. Rick if you could inform yourself before making such comments, I’m certain everyone would really appreciate it. Why shouldn’t we ask Shania not to attend the Calgary Stampede. Why not Rick. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty just as child abuse is child abuse full stop.

  5. Hello Shania,
    You are a lovely performer. Don’t risk your reputation by performing in Calgary. You will have far more impact and good publicity by boycotting this event that often injures animals in the spirit of “fun”. People will remember if you support this event and the Internet will keep track of your moral choices for the rest of your career, which I hope will be long and successful. Do the smart thing — you will never regret it !!!

  6. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Signed…. also wrote a snotty comment about Hadfield singing at last years Stampede opening.
    So many kids…. huge fans of Shania and Chris.
    If Ms.Twain refuses to cancel, perhaps we can ask Neil Young to blast out a few protest songs.
    At least he occasionally tours/performs to stop harm. Can’t see him thinking animal torture is cool.

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