Protesters rally against plan to capture Alberta’s wild horses

From Global News
By Tamara Elliott and Gary Bobrovitz   Global News

Global NewsCALGARY- Dozens of people marched and chanted in downtown Calgary on Thursday, rallying against a plan to capture about 200 wild horses.

The province has approved a capture and cull of the feral horses, and while some will be kept for breeding others won’t be so lucky.

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  2. Happy it was a good turn out and things went well, I was there in thoughts and spirit.

  3. V Fisher · ·

    I attended this event and it was GREAT!! I’m up for holding another one on the weekend so more people have a chance to make it out. I talked to 3 people who worked downtown and came out on their lunch hour to protest. We got lots of honks from supporters driving past. A bit cold on the toes though. Let’s keep the pressure on Horse Warriors!

  4. Wish I had the money to help be there with al of you who are going, best of luck and lots of prayers sent your way.

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