Consumer Deception over Origin of Horsemeat – The Tales of Swiss Retailers and Importers

From Animals Angels

2014_1_15_Richelieu Plant_Quebec (5)

Jan 15, 2014 – Richelieu slaughter plant, Quebec – photo by Animals Angels.

For Immediate Release: Consumer Deception over Origin of Horsemeat – The Tales of Swiss Retailers and Importers

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  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    Everyone needs to understand that it is the US Senate that has blocked every anti-slaughter bill that has been introduced for the past 10 years. These senators are given large donations by the racing industry, the quarter horse breeders association and numerous other stake holders that are involved. Slaughter gives these stake holders a place to dump horses that don’t live up to the owners and breeders expectations. Such as crippled race horses or horses that couldn’t make the grade. This clears out their stables and pastures for the new crop of foals. The racing industry breeds at least 25 to 30 thousand foals a year many of which never win a race. This is where the large number of thoroughbreds comes from that end in the slaughter pipe line. Some are saved but many are not. Rampant over breeding is the main reason for the large number of US horses that are hauled to Canada/Mexico every year. Right now there are 167 cosponsors in the House of Representatives for H.R. 1094 while there are only about 29 or 3o cosponsors for S.541. In order to pass these bills there needs the same number of cosponsors for the senate bill S.541. Without the senate none of the anti-horse slaughter bills will pass this is the reason US horses are still being slaughtered. And I hang the blame squarely on the shoulders of most of the US Senate.

    Call your Senator at their DC office and see what happens when you tell the staffer that answers the phone you as a constituent want the Senator to cosponsor S.541.

  3. this year we need to get rid of all the slaughter plants every where, go in and watch if you dare, your never what to go back. This is a terrible end for a animal who does not bother any one, stays in it’s family group and has so many hard ships just to live, they do not deserve slaughter as an end.

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Absolutely intolerable business! The trade is incredibly cruel and the meat is seriously contaminated. Ban all horse slaughter for consumption!!

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