Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Launches New Logo

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The New Year is a great time for reflecting on the past year, making goals for the year ahead, and for manifesting ways to achieve results for the current year. The colour red is often representative of new beginnings and a positive outlook.

Friday was the start of the Chinese New Year,  and of course, 2014 is the Year of the Horse.  The energy of the horse is palpable – horses symbolize strength, hard work, and fast, forward movement in both western traditions and Chinese astrology.

We are certainly facing times of change – we have a new Bill in the House of Commons – Bill C-571 has replaced Bill C-322.   MP Alex Atamanenko has chosen this Bill to present to the House, which may happen in late March/Early April.  While the Bill is not entirely what we hoped for, it is our best opportunity at the moment and Alex Atamanenko and his team have worked hard to draft something that may receive more support than Bill C-322.  Both CHDC and other animal welfare organizations have chosen to support this new Bill.

At this time,  the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has also chosen to retire our former logo,  which has served us well in the past.  For 2014 and beyond  we’ve developed a new, bolder logo,  which will be prominently seen on our literature, website, blog, YouTube channel,  and Facebook page in the near future.

May we all find what we need in the year ahead,  with the energy of the horse to help us.


  1. Heather · ·

    Very, very sorry to see that after all the hard work and effort you put into Bill C322 you are now supporting Bill C571. This will not stop horse slaughter and will probably make introducing any new bill to stop horse slaughter difficult….very sad 😦

    1. This bill is all we have right now and, if it passes, should protect the majority of horses who end up in the slaughter pipeline, you know, the ones who end up at auctions. Hopefully, it would effectively put a very large dent in the slaughter trade. Kill buyers will try to find ways around it and some may BUT the key is enforcement of the law, should the bill be passed. With any luck the kill buyers and plants will get fed up with having to comply with so many rules and regs they’ll go back to killing cattle, bison and any other critter they set their bloody hands on.
      To date, MP Atamanenko is the ONLY MP to show any support to this cause and he’s scheduled to retire in 2015 so unless another champion for the horses comes forward, this is it. This is a compromise and has a better chance of passing in the current government climate than did C-322. This addresses the real concerns of the CONservative government and that’s trade and money.
      It ain’t perfect but it’s all we’ve got.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I would like to pass along this bit of information, it seems like that horse meat is still being found mixed in with beef. This came from Holland, Dutch food safety authority stopped shipments of beef from Van Hattern Vlees Company in Dodewaard because of horse meat being found in it. So I have a good idea its still all over the EU. And since horse meat from Canada/ Mexico seems to be considered a cheap cut of meat I think that’s where a lot of this is coming from. That and all the Vet drugs and Bute they can eat along with it.

  3. Like it. Let’s hope year of the horse means something to the horses!

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Very nice!!!


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