New anti horse slaughter poster is up in Ottawa!

The CHDC is pleased to announce that a new anti-slaughter poster has been set up in Ottawa in the very busy Sparks Street Mall.  As the map below shows, this is just down the street from Parliament making it very visible to MPs and others in the Ottawa area.

The big circle is Parliament Hill, the little one, where the poster is.  If you’re in Ottawa over the next month, please stop by, take a selfie of you and the poster and send it in to us at!  With your permission, we’ll publish it on our Facebook page.

Location on Sparks

The poster:

Poster up

We’d like to send out a big thank you to Charlotte  Urich for getting this project under way and a big thank you to the anonymous donor who covered the costs for the poster.


  1. Isabelle F. · ·

    Charlotte Urich awesome!!!!!

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    i will bet the foal in the photo has already been shipped to Japan in a plane load of frozen boxes.
    At least here in the states no horse slaughter plants will be able to open up for two years. No funding for meat inspectors was in the gigantic bill to fund the government that would have been needed to run the horse slaughter plant. Unless the defunding can be made permanent we will have the same fight to go through in 2015.

    1. The mare and foal were photographed at a kill buyer’s feedlot in Ontario. Yes, they likely shipped to one of the two slaughter plants in Quebec. The Quebec plants ship their “product” to Europe. Mares and foals appear on this feedlot with alarming frequency as there is a large Mennonite community in the province who routinely dump horses at the OLEX auction.

  3. I think we are making some kind of mark to help the horses, not to go to slaughter, more hard work on the way, but we must keep going and let others see what is going on in the dark side of these horrible slaughter houses, Terrible abuse of the animals who are being killed.

  4. Congrats,and thank you to everyone for you tireless effort, We will stop this abuse forever.We are well on our way. You are my super hero`s, love you lots ,Linda

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