On lam 7 years, B.C. woman gets 5 in U.S. ‘eco-terrorist’ case

From the Toronto Star:

On lam 7 years, B.C. woman gets 5 in U.S. ‘eco-terrorist’ case

Litchfield wild horse and burro holdingCanadian authorities wouldn’t arrest member of radical group that set fires at the Cavel West horse slaughter plant, a ski resort and an SUV dealership in Western States

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  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    You know something, I would have stayed right where I was at in BC. I think she was a fool to turn herself in she could have lived he life in Canada and told the US to drop dead. The way I understood this organization was set up is that none of the members knew who each other was. That’s how they kept from being arrested over the years or being turned in by one of the others. Somebody might have slipped up because the fink seemed to know the identity of all of them. I know they would raid mink farms and let all of the animals out to keep them from being killed for their fur.

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