Horses slaughtered in Canada for the year ended 2013

The CHDC has received final statistics for total number of horses slaughtered in Canada in 2013.  These numbers include both U.S. and Canadian horses.

Click on image for stats

Click on image for stats

The downward trend continues over most months, except notably September, which was the month that KML Meat Processors opened in BC.   March, April and May dropped considerably over 2012, with 23% to 35% less horses slaughtered.

These numbers reflect similar drops in the last half of 2012, where numbers dropped around 25% over 2011.  We are encouraged to see this continuing downward trend.  We expect that the horsemeat scandal in Europe has affected the market for horsemeat with more information reaching consumers about the possible ill effects of consuming horsemeat.

Click on image for stats.


  1. Laureen Godin · ·

    I don’t know if anyone in Canada has ever heard of the program that is being tried in the States: freezing branding project. A horse which has received drugs/medications is branded it looks like on their front left shoulder. It shows that the horse is not fit for slaughter due to drugs it has received. Can we get something going like this in Canada?

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I think too that the horse meat being passed off as beef all over Europe has dropped the number of horses being slaughtered. I will have to see if I can find out how many US horses were slaughtered in Mexico to see how much it has dropped. Does anyone know how many Canadian horses was slaughtered in 2013? I know with the closing of the race track that probably caused the number to rise some.

  3. The mathematician in me must point out these rather gruesome figures, so we can all get a glimpse of how many $$ are involved.
    71,961 horses in one year, weighing (let’s average on the low side) 700 pounds.
    That’s 50.3 million pounds of horse.
    times $0.30 cents a pound at auction =
    15.1 million dollars/year.

    That’s a lot of hay.

    Thank you for posting, as always.

  4. · ·

    This is the Year of the horse……………like the declines but they will be even better declines when they reach o Thank you Teresa Paradis Live and Let Live Farm Rescue

  5. Thank you for the update!!

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