Rep. Sue Wallis dead at 56

Four-term state lawmaker Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, died this morning.

She was 56 years old.

The cause is still unknown, said Campbell County Coroner Tom Eekhoff said.

Please read about this here.


  1. Sarah Gilmer Payne · ·

    In the spirit of “nihil de mortui nisi bonum”, I will only say I am extremely pleased to know that she will never harm another horse.

  2. Jeannie · ·

    probably was all the horse meat she ate …..wake up people

  3. This just proves that horse meat will kill you.

  4. It is always sad to hear of someone’s early passing, but perhaps the subject of horse slaughter will be laid to rest with her, or at least for now as it sounds like she got the support of her colleagues.

  5. LinkedIn User · ·

    Well, it’s proof voodoo DOES work.

  6. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Nice to hear the good news.

  7. Was this Slaughter House Sue? If so -wow.

  8. My thoughts exactly–Karma!! May the horses thunder over her for eternity!!

  9. Karma, pure Karma!!

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