Bouvry protest well-attended

By Anita Virginillo/Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort

Bouvry plant 25-Jan-14The Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort organized a Call to End Horse Slaughter protest on January 25, and this time the weather was on our side.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon with no wind 🙂 .

Horse advocates from Calgary, Pincher Creek, Lethbridge, Coaldale and the Crowsnest Pass came and stood proudly outside the Bouvry Horse Slaughter facility for 2 hours being seen by non-stop traffic, many of them waving & honking in support of our efforts.

There were of course, those that were vehemently opposed to us being there and were happy to let us know with a sign of the finger, or yelling out obscenities. One particular couple pulled up to me and asked why we weren’t at the hospital protesting abortions, which I suggested he do if that was a cause he was passionate about.

The protest received significant media coverage in the week leading up to the event.  The Lethbridge Herald published a letter to the Editor, Country 95.5 called for an interview and aired it all week plus CTV News ran the story on January 24.

A few of the amazing individuals at the protest were there because they had heard about the event on the media. On the day of the protest, there was an animal abuse case in Taber that the media ran a story on and were unfortunately unable to attend our event.  There were, however, two  journalism students from the Lethbridge College who came out and did a story which will be aired this weekend on Shaw Lethbridge.  Also The Lethbridge Herald will be running a full story on it this week. Up until this point it does not appear as though any Bouvry spokesperson has spoken to the media.

One of the protestors walked over to the Bouvry facility and was met with 3 security guards at the entrance. She asked why the heavy security and they responded with, “We still have product we haven’t unloaded.”  I guess it makes it easier to do what they are doing when you refer to the horses as product instead of the sentient beings that they are.

All in all it was a good day for a community of like-minded individuals to come together for an important and meaningful cause. We are shaking up the cultural norm in southern Alberta and will continue to do so. More protests are planned together with the Calgary Animal Rights Effort leading up to the Calgary Stampede. We are a committed group of activists & we are building our army of horse warriors!


  1. Chris1055 · ·

    Thank you for all you do for our equines.

  2. The more media that is involved the better. It took magazine articles and pictures on Facebook to get the BCSPCA motivated to seize a herd of horses that had been suffering for some ten years. The whole equine slaughter issue needs to go viral all over the world. Once the American horses can no longer cross the border the slaughter industry will die a slow death in Canada. The feral and wild horses will have no value and the Alberta government will have to find something else to exterminate.

  3. Good work! Pls keep us updated on your progress. The USA supports you 100%.
    For US citizens, an easy site for contact for all agencies and elected officials is (Bills HB1094 and S541 aka “SAFE Act” are still sitting in Congress. FYI the House bill sits in the Agriculture Cmte. Yes, along with “chicken processing” is “horse processing”.) I hope we understand who the worst enemy is now. Besides Cattlemans Assoc and US Hunter Jumper Assoc and numerous other expert sources of the usual lying is Congress. Wonder about the Farm Bill? Go read and find out facts. Read all about Steve King and the King Amendment.
    Wonder why foodstamps for children and the elderly are being cut by the same kinds of Congress members? Go figure. In addition, our good old friend Imhofe of OK apparently just filed to permit inspections of slaughter plants in the US. Again.
    We only won a one year reprieve of defunding slaughter plant inspections here. I hope US citizens understand that. Slaughter is still a threat here due to our longtime corrupt buddies in Congress. Informed voting would have helped remove these creatures still sitting on the taxpayer dollar in Congress.
    If we want change in the US, we have to know the facts first and then act. If we don’t persist, nothing will change in the US no matter what The White House wants regarding ending slaughter. The White House does not “own” Congress. US voters should already know that.

    1. Barbara Griffith · ·

      mpclark, Today there are 4 more repts that cosponsored H.R.1094. That makes 167 cosponsors the bad part is the fact there is only about 27 or 30 cosponsors for S.541.
      without more of the senate cosponsors so both bills can be brought up for a floor vote nothing will be done. The bills will set there just like all the others for the past ten years.
      Senators like John Cornyn of Texas is one of the worst ones about not wanting to pass any anti-slaughter bills but there are many others especially from the western states that feel just like Cornyn does.

    2. Letty grayson · ·

      Sad to hear that the us hh assoc. is not on our side — can you post a lik or give me more info? — would like to follow up on that. I’m on Facebook.

  4. You people are angels!!! God bless you!!! We’re working on the other side of the border to stop our horses from crossing over, too.
    2014 is the Year of the Horse; let’s end their slaughter once and for all!!!!!

    1. We need more protest to keep American horses on their home turf. How do Canadians support this in the most visible way. Isn’t it the SAFE Act American horse advocates are trying to get passed? What can we do to cut down the supply to Bouvry as they increase horse slaughter while they are shutting it down in the States. You can bet those kill buyer trucks are making a lot of extra trips right now.

  5. Anyone interested in joining this project south of Lethbridge, right near Bouvry, please contact me. Teresa

    1. Anita Virginillo · ·

      Hi, my name is Anita Virginillo with the Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort and organizer of this protest. Could you please contact me at or on Facebook, just my name or throught the Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort on FB? Thank you.

  6. Hi. I have just leased a horse setup with huge indoor arena. How about filming with the students with video of our beautiful horses on the walls of the arena while demonstrating how marvelous our horses are. All set to music if we wish. Get it on the media. Who do I contact regarding joining the groups protecting horses? Thanks.

  7. Never give up the fight when you are right. Thank you to all you Horse Warriors. Save all those beautiful horses from slaughter.

    1. Hi. Could you please review my comment. Thanks. Teresa

  8. Well done. Congratulations.

  9. Protest and Media is our way to successfully stop this BARBARIC Industry.
    If it was possible to obtain the date that MP Atamanenko reads his Bill c322 for the second time I think sometime in March? This would be a great opportunity for Protest and Media attention on the grounds of Parliament. If such an event does materialize, even though I am from Windsor I will attend. Perhaps we could have a spokesperson from the CHDC along with MP Heddy Fry , Elizabeth May and any other MP who support this cause.

    1. Hi. Could you please review my two comments. Thanks. Teresa

  10. pauline woods · ·

    amazing work! congratulations! if I didn’t live in Campbell river,b.c. I too would have been there! the more media coverage the better!

  11. On behalf off all the people in the Maritime`s. Thank-you .You honor all of us. I`m so proud off all the tireless hour`s you spend on this wonderful, and worthy cause. May you be blessed abundantly in all your efforts in teaching us to be good stewards of the gift of horses which God has given us . Our thoughts and prayers go with you. With people like you ,how can we not succeed. With much love ,Linda

  12. V Fisher · ·

    GO HORSE WARRIORS!! I’ll attend the protest outside Bouvry’s office in Calgary when you’re ready to go. Great job!

    1. Hi. Could you please review my two comments. Thanks. Teresa

  13. Anne Streeter · ·

    Congratulations. Nice work! If I didn’t live in Montreal I would have been there!

    1. Hi. Could you please review my two comments. Thanks. Teresa

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