Reminder: A Call to end Horse Slaughter – Alberta protest January 25, 2014

Update:  The Lethbridge Herald printed a letter written by Anita, who is organizing this protest.  You can read it here.

Once again dedicated equine welfare advocates will be raising awareness of Alberta’s shameful equine slaughter.  Please read below:

protest photo

Alberta prides itself on horse culture, yet every year 90,000+ horses from across Canada & the USA are enduring horrors at the hands of people who slaughter & profit from selling them by the pound at 5 federally run slaughter houses in Canada. These horses come from all walks of life…pets, companion animals, race horses, riding horses, cast off mares & FOALS from the pharmaceutical industry, ponies, donkeys and even some of the last wild horses.  Most are perfectly healthy & young – not old, ill or lame as we have been lead to believe for years.  These horses die an unnecessary violent, adrenaline filled death.  Alberta should not be slaughtering horses to cater to foreign markets.  It is important to note that there are many other humane alternatives for these horses, slaughtering them need not be an option. Let’s hold breeders responsible and put an end to the violence inflicted on these majestic animals.  We no longer want Alberta to be known as the Horse Slaughter Capital of Canada. Please join us for a demonstration to raise awareness & expose this dirty secret!

Please go to Facebook here for more information.

Horses about to be slaughtered at Bouvry Exports, Fort MacLeod, Alberta

Horses about to be slaughtered at Bouvry Exports, Fort MacLeod, Alberta


  1. Some people in this world eat horse meat and there needs to be a place for unwanted horses to be disposed of. That is simply the way it is. You don’t have to like it. When such places are shut down animal cruelty incidences go up not down! What happened in the States when horse plants were closed is people who could no longer care for their horses started to just let them roam free. While roaming free may sound like a butterflies and rainbows fantasy life the fact is many horses were left starving and fending for themselves. Now that is barbaric! Remove the option of a horse plant and that is what we could face here too.

    The people who own Bouvry and those who work there are not evil nor are they barbaric. There are reasons there have not been any charges laid. They aren’t doing anything wrong, just terribly unpleasant. It’s not a fun job but it is a necessary one.

    1. no justice on stolen native land. the natives, first nations ought to be the decision makers, the first stewards of the land.

  2. Kathy Patterson · ·

    This should not be happening to these beautiful animals, especially not in Canada, what a disgrace.

    1. so called canada.

  3. Lin Month · ·

    Our laws require that animals be slaughtered humanely, but as every inquiry has proven, there is no humane way to slaughter a horse. Who upholds the laws in Canada? Anybody?

    1. When evidence was sent to the RCMP regarding footage from the Bouvry plant and to the Quebec Provincial Police, neither force pursued anything. The RCMP said that they could not see “wilful cruelty”, which is required under law before they can press charges. The QPP basically said the same.

    2. the native people are the stewards of the land in so called canada.

  4. Please end this barbaric practice, performed by the evil people that inflict their hatred on others for profit and fun. End it NOW.

  5. eva schneider · ·


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