What’s changed since the horsemeat scandal broke?

From the FarmingUK.com:

horse-meat_161748719_900x597One year ago consumers were shocked to find out that what they thought was beef – was actually horse.

The horse meat scandal gave charities a chance to shine a spotlight on what was going on in the tangled and often sticky web of the horse meat trade, highlight how the laws in place meant to protect horses and the food chain don’t do the job and bring focus to the importance of improving accountability and traceability – all key factors that contributed to the landslide that was the horse meat scandal.

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Also of note is that the Guardian UK reports that British authorities were aware that tonnes of condemned horsemeat was being imported for use by suspected fraudsters as long ago as 1998 but failed to investigate the criminal networks involved fully for lack of resources.

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  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I went to the site and left a comment. The other comments are saying not to eat horse meat from the US. So this is is spreading about the drugs in horse meat but I believe they think the meat is shipped from the US. I told them it is from US horses shipped to Canada/Mexico for slaughter. Every one needs to leave a comment telling them that the horse meat is from US horses shipped to Canada/Mexico for slaughter.

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