Tidy little boxes

Earlier this week, an observer at Calgary airport sent us photos of pallets of horsemeat destined for Europe.

Horses slaughtered at the Bouvry Exports plant in Fort MacLeod the week of January 6th, have been packed into nice, tidy little boxes ready for gourmands in Europe.


Horses in pen at Bouvry


Kill box Bouvry Exports


Boxes Bouvry Exports

close up

Note that the boxes have an image of a horse in front of boxes.

Cargolux Cargo Airlines, based in Belgium, is frequently used by Bouvry Exports for shipping horsemeat to Europe.  On Sunday, January 12, 2014, a Cargolux flight arrived in Calgary to pick up a shipment of horsemeat going to Europe.

The screen shot below shows the Cargolux flight’s routing from Los Angeles to Calgary.

CLX LAX-YYC January 12-2014

The image below shows pallets of horsemeat on the ramp at Calgary.  In the background, the shed where live draft horses are “packed” for their final journey to Japan.  Please click here to see a video on these live horse shipments.


The Cargolux aircraft being loaded:

CLX loading Jan 12-14

Bouvry exports has had a close relationship with Cargolux for many years.  In this Cargolux newsletter from 2004 you can read about this relationship.  In the article it appears that Bouvry had not, at that time, expanded into horse slaughter as heavily as now.

Cargolux also prides itself on its first-class care of LIVE horses:

CLX ad

Seriously, Cargolux?

You can write to Cargolux at the address below or email them:

Cargolux Head Office
Luxembourg Airport
L 2990 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 4211 1
Fax: +352 4211 3747
Tel: +352 4211 3311 (Import)
Tel: +352 4211 3315 (Export)
Email: info@cargolux.com

As well, there is an online form for them here.

You can also write to the various agencies who continue to allow horse slaughter in Canada.

Hon. Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Email: Ritz.G@parl.gc.ca
Website: http://www.gerryritzmp.com/
Tel:  613-995-7080;  Fax: 613-996-8472

Dr. Bruce Archibald, President, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1400 Merivale Rd., Tower 1, Floor 6, Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9
Email: bruce.archibald@inspection.gc.ca
Web:  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/eng/1297964599443/1297965645317
Tel: 613-773-6000; Fax: 613-773-6060

Dr. Dr. Harpreet S. Kochhar, Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada, CFIA
Email: Harpreet.Kochhar@inspection.gc.ca
Web:  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/eng/1297964599443/1297965645317
Tel: 613-773-7472;  Fax 613-228-6637

Dr. Martine Dubuc, Chief Food Safety Officer, CFIA
Email: Martine.Dubuc@inspection.gc.ca
Web:  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/eng/1297964599443/1297965645317
Tel: 613-773-5722;  Fax 613-773-5797

Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food
Email:  AGRI@parl.gc.ca

Rona Ambrose – Minister of Health (CFIA falls under this Ministry now)

Edmonton Office
6801 170 St.
Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4
Phone: (780) 495-7705

Stony Plain Office
Suite 102 – 4807 44th Avenue
Stony Plain, AB
Phone: (780) 968 6475

Our Stony Plain office is normally open on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.

Ottawa Office
Room 163 East Block
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Phone: (613) 996-9778
E-mail: rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca

And, please keep sending those postcards and petitions to your MPs and ask them to support legislation to protect horses from slaughter.  Also, if you can, go and actually meet with your MP and share your concerns about horse slaughter with him or her.


  1. I hope this is enough evidence that they naysayers that periodically show up here can finally come to the conclusion that this is indeed Calgary YYC and that there are live horses in those wooden containers that don’t have much more substance that a few skids hastily thrown together and wrapped with netting.

  2. Jazzmyne Smyth · ·

    wow, Marcus, chill, dude. none of us here are thick, we are well aware that “cows once breathed too”. don’t be a smartass, that is FAR from the point. i second the suggestion you go back under that rock of yours. but, before that, why don’t you take your ignorance for a trip to a horse slaughterhouse – or any slaughterhouse in general – and then come in here and mouth off after you have seen the horror first hand? bet ya won’t, eh!!

  3. I reside in Essex County in Ontario and have written to MANY Federal Politicans about this scourage of Horse slaughter, and will continue to do so.
    However I have also written to Premier Wynne of Ontario who replied to my letter and intentionally failed to respond to the ESSENCE of my letter asking that the Ontario Provincial Govt. announce that they support the Federal BILLC322 in the same manner as Toronto municipal did unamiously.
    I also wrote SEVERAL letters to my Provincial MPP Taras Natashack concerning the same issue, he not only intentionally does not respond I doubt very much he would even meet with me.
    If the Ontario Govt. were to support C322 it would send a powerfull message to the Federal Govt.
    There is a Provincial election looming for this Spring, for ALL the supporters of the CHDC in Ontario take the time to write your MPP in your area and remind them of the up coming election like I will be doing with my next letter to Premier Wynne and without a doubt to my MPP Taras Natashack.

    1. You are doing a great job, thanks so much for all you are getting out we are doing the same here.

  4. ever wonder why china or japan can support 99.9 percent of their food needs! It because nothing goes to waste! Meat is meat, and when a time comes to do that yourself to survive, you will. Was the cow not a breathing creature too? And for the veggie only eaters, are the plants you eat or were not LIVING cells also…get a gripe, food is food, I admit what I eat!

    1. Barbara Griffith · ·

      Marcus, Are you related to some of the slaughter plant workers or are you just a creep that crawled out from under a rock. I would suggest you crawl on your belly back under there and shut your pie hole.

    2. Marcus, a friend of mine who is of Chinese said once “yeah, us Chinese, we’ll eat anything with legs!”. So, Marcus, I wouldn’t advise visiting China. You could be on the menu! But seriously, the issue here is that horses and the cats and dogs that the Chinese eat, are considered pets, companion animals and working partners not food items. To compare China to Canada isn’t logical although China is making strides in animal welfare but it will take many, many years for them to reach 1st world standards. The whole horse slaughter pipeline is full of misery and pain for the horses and only exists to satisfy “gourmands” in Europe not to ease hunger in the Third World.

    3. Do you foresee some sort of apocalypse where we’ll have to survive on whatever we can catch? Plants don’t have a central nervous system or a limbic brain – both are required to sense pain and are a key differentiator between plants and animals. Please educate yourself on the matter.

  5. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    Sent the airline a message, will contact the others too. Thanks for posting.
    Larry Scorno, Yelm Wa. boasts of inventing the transport boxes in which they force three draft colts approx. two years old into, to sit on the tarmac at Seattle airport for twenty hours before being loaded onto the airplane for a sixteen hour flight to Japan, this is the norm. I hate Scorno. His neice has a fb page.

  6. chris1055 · ·

    The picture Cargolux boasts with a white equine sipping a drink from an attendant’s hand is an in your face outrage! Cargolux transports these equines to their death. Such prevarication in advertizing should be against the law and is against truth in advertizing.

    1. Chris, to clarify, this article is about Cargolux shipping horseMEAT from Calgary Alberta to Europe. Cargolux also transports live sport and other horses in addition to their horsemeat shipments. Atlas Air Cargo, based in Purchase New York, are known to ship live draft horses to Japan for slaughter and were the carrier seen in the video on YouTube.

  7. Our government lets horses being shipped like that in tiny little boxes, I bet they can’t stand up right , no water or feed, not cleaned? Who do you talk to about this? If you ship a dog it can not go right to the place they were going too it has to be in quarantine for a period of time. thisisi not right a munch of crap is going on for all this to be happening.

  8. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I’m in the US and as of yesterday the threat of horse slaughter plants opening up here is over, hopefully forever. Now the fight begins to Pass the S.A.F.E. ACT which are bills S.541 and H.R. 1094 is on. These two bills if passed would stop US horses being shipped to Canada/Mexico for slaughter. Which would put most of the horse slaughter plants in Canada/Mexico out of business. The shipments of horse meat like what you see in these photos would come to a end or the shipments would be damn small. There isn’t enough horses in either country to keep large shipments like this going without the thousands of US horses sent to their deaths every year in these slaughter plants.

  9. Karen Barker · ·

    It angers me beyond description that the politicians in this country honour the values/ethics of a foreign market more than they honour their own citizens. The citizens in this country voted these yahoos into power yet they don’t honour our values, which would include a halt to horse slaughter. I widh we could sue them.

  10. Laureen Godin · ·

    What is in those boxes were once beautiful animals that breathed, ran, ate, played. Now look at them. It is just so horrifying!!!

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