Goodale blames Feds for CFIA failures

Former Liberal AG Minister, Ralph Goodale, tells it like it is in this article on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) audit report that’s critical of CFIA meat inspection practices and procedures.  In it he candidly says the CFIA “screwed-up” under Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s “watch’’ and may explain why Ritz is no longer minister responsible for the agency.

The CHDC in an ATI request found similar concerns at Les Viandes de la Petites Nation (LPN) slaughter plant in Quebec as well all humane standards being violated at LPN, and at Bouvry and Richelieu horse slaughter plants.  All of these plants are licensed to kill multi-species.   What’s in your burger?

Belgian on Bouvry feedlot with bison in background

Belgian on Bouvry feedlot with bison in background


  1. I always believed Ritz was in over his head, truly an INCOMPITENT. In his reply to one of my letters to him the content and language was not what one would expect from a Minister of the Crown. After second thought it was exactly what one could expect from a POLITICAN.
    The MEDIA should focus on the exports of Canadian Livestock to the Middle East and Asia for slaughter, and Religious Sacrifice of Canadian Livestock. Perhaps that same MEDIA should contact Animals Australia and their investigations. as Canadian Livestock face the same BARBARIC HORRORS. The Canadian PUBLIC NEED TO SEE FOR THEMSELF where Ritz is QUIETLY exporting Canadian Livestock for slaughter and the HORRORS these animals face.
    Seems to me QUIETLY was the same stradegy used for Ritz and his Horse slaughter industry, fortunately the MEDIA EXPOSED IT TO THE PUBLIC, they NEED TO DO THE SAME FOR Ritz and his Livestock export industry NOW NOT LATER.

  2. It makes you wonder what is in your burger? Horrible to think we are eating some thing that may not be listed on the label, You companies need to make test to be sure of what you are selling to the chain stores and they need to check and make sure the beef is beef.

  3. This is exactly why I, and many people I know have quit eating meat.

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