CHDC and Alex Atamanenko Receive Response to Latest Order Paper

scalesThe CHDC received a response to MP Alex Atamanenko’s Order Paper,   which was originally entered into the parliamentary publications on November 26, 2013 (Q-20).  Click here and scroll down for Q-20.

Order Paper Questions may be submitted by Members of Parliament on specific days and are formally presented by an MP.  Once submitted, the questions are entered into the parliamentary journals.   If the MP designates that a response from the Government is required in writing the Government has 45 days to respond.  Failure of the Government to respond within this time frame is automatically referred to a Standing Committee.   Further information on Order Paper Questions can be found on the Government of Canada’s web site here.

Please review the government’s responses to Q-20 here.

MP Atamanenko

MP Atamanenko

The CHDC plans a detailed,  point-by-point response to many of the government’s statements at a date in the near future.  Some of these questions and concerns will form part of our next Order Paper submission.

In the meantime,  please remember that MP Atamanenko will be presenting Bill C-322 in the House in March,  and gathering petitions still remains a high priority! Please note that our 5th Petitioning Campaign is ongoing!


  1. Lin Month · ·

    Why does the government believe that it is possible to slaughter a horse humanely (as required by law) when all inquiries have shown that it is not possible?

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I hope you can get the slaughter shut down in Canada because another plant that was planning on slaughtering horses was stopped today in the US. The only one left is the one in New Mexico. I doubt that one has a chance because state attorney general has filed a law suit against the owner of the slaughter plant to shut it down. If the shipment of horses to Canada from the US can be stopped it would put almost all of the slaughter plants that kill horses out of business, the same with Mexico, no US horses no business. We may be getting closer to shutting this cruel business down. keep the faith everybody we may make it yet.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    Working on a petition now.


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