Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Launches 5th Petition Promotion

5th campaign

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The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) is launching their 5th Petition Promotion for more signatures and petitions in support of Bill C-322. Gather 25 or more signatures and you will receive a free CHDC Lapel Pin (pictured in the attached PDF), and be entered in a draw to win one of three prizes with a BONUS prize for the most signatures.

Here are easy steps on how to gather signatures on the CHDC’s Do It Now web page.  Here are links to English and French petitions that you can print and copy. Gathering signatures can be easy and fun – at the park, the grocery store, at work, farmers’ markets, the library, parades, rallies, dog walk-a-thons, horse fairs and shows, etc.  Have a “hook” to grab people’s attention and convey the essence of the issue and let them know it’s really quick and easy.  Ask them a question, “Can you sign a petition that will protect our horses?” or “Do you have a minute to sign a petition to protect our horses from going to needless slaughter?”  Have extra pens and a clipboard for them to write on, or if you’re at an event, bring along a small folding table.  Feel free to hand out CHDC flyers to provide extra information.

When you gather petition signatures, please submit them to the CHDC at the address below and we will enter your name in a draw to WIN one of three prizes.  The CHDC added more prizes because we want to thank more horse welfare supporters.

The draw extends up until March 20, 2014, the first day of spring.  We are hoping that spring will bring new beginnings for our horses!  Give a gift to the horses by gathering signatures in support of Bill C-322 to end their slaughter.   These petitions are OUR VOICE to the Canadian government.  Advocate for the horses – change can occur with YOU!

Grof May-12 Percherons

When we receive your petitions we will tabulate them and forward them on to MP Alex Atamanenko, who first tabled Bill C-322.  Remember to include your name and address so that we can send your CHDC Lapel Pin to you and enter your name in the draw.


Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

150 First St., P.O. Box 21079

Orangeville, ON  L9W 4S7



This petitioning campaign will end Thursday, MARCH 20, 2014.   Thank you for your continued effort to gather signatures for the horses who deserve so much better.

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