A Cancer Patient’s WISH – All I Want for Christmas is for Bill C-322 to be LAW!

Maries horsesAll I want for Christmas is to end horse slaughter.  All I want for Christmas is for Bill C-322 to become law.  During the course of time, horses have played an important role alongside mankind in its evolution throughout the ages.   They still do.  PLEASE respect the horse by ending the barbaric act of slaughter upon them, please!

I have cancer again.  I may lose part of my vagina; part of my bladder; part of my colon and my kidney; I may lose my life.  I wrote my wish today because I will be enduring yet another procedure, this time a surgery, one of probably many – so I wanted to make sure my words are heard.  Cancer is cruel and ugly and so is the horse slaughter industry.  At this time you would think that my wish is for my life but my wish is for Bill C-322 to become law!

Ever since I can remember I loved the horse.  Even before I saw a horse in real life; even before I touched a horse I admired it and was drawn to it from afar on television and movies.  I said to myself as a child one day I will do something with the horse.  One day I will be with the horse.  All I want for Christmas is to have Bill C-322 become law!

When my mother died many years ago from Cancer I began my journey to find the horse and find where my purpose was in this life with the horse.  I found myself at school taking a horse management course; I found myself working for a horse veterinarian; I found myself working to help the Standardbred horse.  The Standardbred horse being the most vulnerable of all horses here in Ontario at risk for slaughter; the horse more often purchased by kill buyers at one of the largest horse meat auctions the Ontario Livestock Exchange in Kitchener.  But when I found myself with the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition I found my home.  The CHDC’s mission is to end horse slaughter; I found my purpose.  All I want for Christmas is to end horse slaughter.  All I want for Christmas is for Bill C-322 to become law!

On my little farm are two horses that I love dearly.  I accomplished a dream and have adopted two beautiful horses that I hug every day and that I admire every day and that I call my own every day.  My future is uncertain.  I promised them that they will rest in peace at home.  I can only hope that I can rest in peace knowing that ALL horses will be safe; ALL horses will be able to rest in peace at home as well.  All I want for Christmas is to have Bill C-322 become law!

During the course of time, horses have played an important role alongside mankind in its evolution throughout the ages.   They still do.  Why is Canada taking the horse that has spent its life serving human beings and most likely known love and care; why is Canada taking the horse not raised for meat that has been given illegal drugs and slaughtering it for meat?   Why?  PLEASE respect the horse by ending the barbaric act of slaughter upon them!  Please help Bill C-322 become LAW!

Please help take the CANCER out of Canada and help our horses by ending their slaughter.  If my story; my wish has touched you, please help the horse by donating to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition so that they can continue their work at ending horse slaughter; so that they can continue to develop horse protection initiatives.  Please help Member of Parliament Alex Atamanenko pass his Bill C-322; please help MP Atamanenko make Bill C-322 LAW!  Thank You.

For the love of my horses,

Warmest regards,

Marie Dean


  1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    You are a very kind and courageous lady Marie Dean. Don’t give up.

  2. Marie as always you touch our hearts.
    Love Deborah

  3. amen. best regards stay strong and believe that the bill will pass.

  4. It takes alot of effort, alot of courage and alot of patience to sit down and write to us, a simular touching article. Not only speaking for the Horses but onself and we are stunned with delight. Marie, you do not have to say futhure, for we will be keeping you in our thoughts and the Horses will always be our priority. May GOD bless YOU and keep you safe and healthy with us, for a very long time!! Thanks for ALL you do and the Horses bow their heads to you…. ~

  5. Thank-You Marie~ Prayers To You As You Battle against Horse Slaughter and Cancer, I Pray Your Wishes ALL come true~

  6. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you Marie….

  7. Excellent post, Marie! We support the immediate end to this scam here in the USA. Our horses are being sold for this fraud by US dealers. We are helping to support these petty criminals and from the US. We have corrupt state and federal officials who have refused to listen to the demands of taxpayers. We have had enough.

    For those who wish to write or call US officials, the easiest site to use is http://www.USA.gov. I use that site and it is fast to use. Use “Contacts” at the top of the webpage.

    This site lists agencies and officials. Congressional and state officials are there. The BLM and Ag is there. Each department has listings and if nothing else is listed, use the admin or customer service listing and note in the email that it is to be directed to the official personally. I always note that the email is to be forwarded to the official or department head.

    If an official is not listed with a good email address there, it may be necessary to google for the latest contact info for that official. That is what have to I do. Some states have useless email addresses listed. Ohio has this issue. If your email to any email address bounces back, google again.

    Having a general template for emails helps. Links which show information can usually be sent via email. For example, in contacting the State of Oklahoma, I called first and then sent the email with links to the horseslaughter series by Vickery Eckhoff. I use that series from forbes.com since it is easy to read and understandable, even by those who are not at all familiar with equines. Presenting this issue as the tax scam it actually is helps when dealing with those who have never had any experience with equines. A loss of 123 million tax dollars a year is a convincing argument for anybody here in the US. Lost money is understandable for all Americans. That is enough reason for them to begin to pay attention.

    To inexperienced people, equines and cattle and pigs and chickens are all the same. Until it is explained in terms voters understand, voters under economic stress don’t care. Until we can show why ending horseslaughter matters to the average American, bills HB1094 and S541 will sit in committee as all others have. This issue will be pushed aside by immediate concerns and games from the most notorious and corrupt in Congress and the states. 80% of Americans are against horseslaughter. How many Americans ever bother to get informed with facts and vote? The House of Representatives has been playing games since before 2010. The Ag Committee in the Senate played games with defunding language in 2011. How many voters are aware of that? How many voters ever check into voting records before they show up at the polls? On average, 50% of Americans vote and that is during presidential elections only.

    While we may know many facts about slaughter, the bulk of Americans may not. Education and speaking out helps. Congress will not respond as long as voters keep electing the same corrupt people. That is up to voters. They need basic literacy in this issue. They also need to know how to contact elected officials and how to present facts that matter to the majority of Americans.

  8. God bless you Marie Dean..Positive thoughts and prayers! ..and I am right there with you on horse slaughter. It needs to end NOW..

  9. Barbara Griffith · ·

    People don’t realize that if it was not for horse there would still be plenty of areas on this planet that would not have been mapped or visited because of not having any way to get there. In other words until the car was invented for transportation we either would have walked or rode a bicycle once that was invented. I believe too that none of the big cities would have been built either because it would have been only manpower to do the work or the big family farms that depended on horse power to plow the fields. With out the horse to do the heavy lifting only small towns would have existed across not only the US and Canada but all of the countries around the globe. So, yes we do owe the horse plenty and this is the way it is being repaid for what it has done for mankind.

  10. This is the MOST TOUCHING and SELFLESS article I have ever read! God bless Marie Dean; I shall pray for her and that her wish to end slaughter comes true!
    Please! Let’s all support CHDC!

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