CHDC Receives Support Letter from Dr. Hedy Fry, Liberal Health Critic

Hedy Fry Letter to CHDCWe  received this wonderful letter of support that may have originated from our postcard program.  Is your Member of Parliament with the Liberal Party?  Please contact your Liberal MP without delay, requesting support for Bill C-322 and back up for Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry, Liberal Health Critic.

Find your Member of Parliament here.

Dr. Hedy Fry is on Twitter.

Click to read the full letter here.

One comment

  1. I sent a post card to the Hon. Mark Eyking, who is the Federal Liberal Agriculture Critic. Unlike some politicans he had the courtesy to EMAIL me thanking me for sending the post card. He said that in the event C322 ever comes forward for a final vote he will support the bill.
    I honestly believe as the Hon. Heddy Fry does that as long as this Govt. remains in office as a majority there is little opportunity for MP Atamanenko bill to pass. However the positive that comes from this is it is receiving PUBLIC EXPOSURE.

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