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First Lady


Thanks to generous donations from concerned people, First Lady has had surgery and is on the mend.  There will likely be permanent damage due to the extent of the wound and the neglect in having it attended to.  The vets have said that she will always have a hole leaking pus but there will no longer be any pain related to the wound.  Lady is, understandably, sensitive when that area is being touched but she will get there!

Tenir Promesse is helping horses in need and we have a case now.  Please visit  First Lady has been rescued and is severely injured.  She is in need of surgery.  Tenir Promesse is behind a donation campaign to help the rescue family help pay that surgery.  Our goal is $1,500.

First Lady has a serious deep wound to the shoulder, and antibiotics won’t be sufficient. First Lady should go in surgery. Help us to keep our promise while contributing whatever you can to her estimated surgery. 100% of your donations will be used for surgery,  postoperative care,  and medication. Currently, First Lady is suffering and we urgently need donations to help her.

Donations can be made through PayPal by following these steps :

1.                  Visit

2.                  Login to your account

3.                  Choose « make a payment » tab

4.                  Address payment to

5.                  Enter the amount of the donation

6.                  Select « I want to send money to my friends and family”

7.                  Click to send

All donations will be confirmed by an email from PayPal.

If you prefer, donation by checque can be made to

Christine Bélanger (care giver)

960 RR 138

Neuville (Qc) G0A 2R0

Any request for information can be addressed to

Thank you very much!

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