Volunteers Requested for Upcoming Outreach and Social Events in British Columbia and Alberta

1401828_1401399506763495_1492740481_oIf you are in the area of Salmon Arm,  BC on December 7, 2013 and/or the following two Saturdays before Christmas,  please join the folks who protested at the Westwold Horse Slaughter plant, at Centenoka Mall in Salmon Arm.

There will be a table set up in the mall to collect signatures for Bill C-322, and the volunteers will give out information beginning at 9:30 am.  If you can help by giving two hours of your time to help volunteer at the table it would be greatly appreciated!  Please see the Facebook protest page here.  The address is 360 Trans-Canada Hwy #114, Centenoka Park Mall, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1B5 .

map for mall boothAlso happening in Cochrane Alberta is the KIDS 4 WILDIES XMAS PARTY

If you can spare a couple of hours on December 14th (2:00-4:00 pm Frank Wills Memorial Hall, Cochrane) to help with this important cause please contact me.

**You can even decorate your very own horse cookie!


1) POSTCARD TABLE: 2-3 people to help get everyone at the party to fill out and return postcards

2) GREETERS: 2 people to greet people as they arrive, collect donations and help kids fill out entry for door prizes

3) HORSE STAMPERS/TATOO ARTISTS: 1-2 people to stamp kids or hand out/apply kid’s horsey tattoos (also looking for stamp/tattoos)

4) T-SHIRT/BUMPER STICKER TABLE: 2 people needed to help sell “I Love Alberta Wild Horses” t-shirts and bumper stickers


We are trying to get donations of door prizes for the party on December 14th. North 40 in Cochrane has donated a Breyer Mustang for one of the prizes. We need another 3-4 prizes, at least a couple of which would be suitable for boys.

If anyone is able to offer or secure a donation it would be greatly appreciated.


If you are able to help please contact me as soon as possible at: freespiritsanctuary@gmail.com

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