Videographer Records Kill Buyer Behaving Badly Enroute To Slaughterhouse

roping jDash Cam video taken that records a kill buyer from Michigan flying a horse tail “flag” while a real horse tail is caught in the door.  Kill buyer is also recorded weaving into the videographer’s lane,  perhaps aware that his DOT information etc. is being collected.

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  1. What has been explained here is simply outrageous The last thing we need is COWBOYS behind the wheel of these rigs. I have written to the Ontario Ministry of Transport the Hon. Glenn Murray.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Coreen and Lana, you are so correct,we can cry all the crocodile tears we want about the thug in this particular incident. If those who actually videod the incident do not provide this information to the authorities they are nothing more than participants in this thugs behaviour by providing video that goes no where..

    1. Thank you Dennis for adding your supportive comment. I want to support the CHDC but my concern is in line with our comments; we can recieve these disturbing videos and stories forever and believe me, I watch and read them all as I feel like if I don’t look, no one will (a bit self serving perhaps) and I am emotionally exhausted by the sick, yet excepted behavior of humans; and to add fuel to the fire the feedback from the “higher-ups” is along the lines of “horse owners are basing their concerns on their emotions”. Yes, I am a human with emotions, morals, ethics and all these tell me that the treatment of these beautiful animals (and all living creatures non-human) is wrong! We somehow think we are entitled to do whatever we feel like doing to anything we want to do it to. Sadly, it goes so deep. If anyone from the CHDC reads these comments, please enlighten me on what is being done and tell me what I can do to be useful other than reading, watching and feeling helpless. For the record, I own 4 horses that are well cared for; one of those being a slaughter rescue. I attended a local auction and sat hopeless as I watched the meat men buy up these unwanted beauties that looked terrified (the ones with any kind of “attitude” went real cheap) then were run down the cement “corridor of death” that was slick and easy to slip on, leading to the tiny pen that was their holding area prior (which could be hours) to being loaded onto the trailers. Even though I had saved ONE, it took me over a week to feel comfortable in my own conscience mind; I could not stop thinking about the ones that weren’t saved. To add to my political stance I have been vegan for almost one year and refuse to purchase any product that is animal based.

      I’m ready to go to battle but want it to be for a success story not a effort in futility. This is the information I would like to recieve in conjunction with the stories and videos.
      Done rambling for now 🙂

    2. jean robertson · ·

      Dennis, this lady followed the correct procedure but had no results. To read her story go to Mane Street forum, General Equestrian chat forum, Kamloops SPCA horses, then reply #23. Criminal type livestock truckers get away with murder in this country.

  3. Laureen Godin · ·

    What a creep, obviously he finds the whole thing amusing.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    Has this incident been reported to the Ontario Dept. of Transport to be followed up.?
    Has the incident been reported to the Ontario Provincial Police for follow up?
    Has the dash cam video with the pertinent information been provided to both the Dept. of Transport and the Ontario Provincial Police.?
    I am sure both the Dept of Transport and the Ontario Provincial Police would follow this up.

    1. I don’t know Dennis, but certainly if behaviour like this (or tails tied to trailer doors) is observed, people should contact the OPP as you mentioned.

  5. jean robertson · ·

    Canada has a new CODE OFPRACTICE that is supposed to mean a better life for beef cattle, horses and other equines in fact all animals. It should make it easier to prosecute animal cruelty cases if they are actually enforced. Nothing will ever be done if no one complains so it is up to all of us to never give up.
    CHDC, do you know why KML Meats doesn’t have an export licence as of November 28, 2013??

  6. End horse slaughter. In the US, use and pressure any or all Congress members to pass House and Senate bills HB1094 and S541. Tell friends who will act. These bills are being blocked by various special interests in Congress. In the House of Representatives, anti-horse slaughter bills were last stuck in the Agriculture committee. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, will do anything to block humane legislation from getting passed. According to AWI, the Senate had a voice vote in favor of anti-horse slaughter legislation but Mr. Boehner was busy organizing the government shutdown which cost the US billions.

    We have to act. Corrupt politicians and special interest funding are at work. They have been doing this for a long time. We already know what to do: act directly. If we don’t persist, we will not win.

    For more facts about the scam of horse slaughter, refer to the easy-to-read series from Vickery Eckhoff on

  7. I would hope that this incident was reported to DOT, law enforcement, etc. Is it legal to have horses on trailers this long & if ‘inspectors’ are not at plants where they are supposedly going, then why the hell are they allowed to cross the border into Canada??
    This needs to be EXPOSED….get all the information to the TV, Newspapers & any other media!

    1. Hi Lana, the standard in Canada is 36 hours…….

  8. So, what is being done to stop this horrific behavior…why are we tolerating this treatment of these amazing creatures by our own let alone non-Canadian companies. Do we not have laws to protect? Video footage is great but I feel angry that those of us who love and respect all living creatures watch, cry and feel ill to what end? Meanwhile those who committed the atrocities are untouched and continue with the same behaviors.

  9. jeannine wietrich · ·

    Non à la cruauté sur les chevaux

  10. you mean to tell me that police along the way can’t see this and stop them? What is wrong with them? We are suppose to be adults and act right, seems to me the wrongs being done to these horses, no one gives a hoot from the top (president) to the cops. how can they sleep at night doing all this injustice tot he horses and burros.

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