Announcing New Street-Level Advertising Campaign in Ottawa!

street advertisingHorse advocate Charlotte Uhrich and the CHDC are excited to announce a new advertising campaign aimed at increasing awareness of horse slaughter and Bill C-322.  This is NOT a billboard,  but advertising with high visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic,  located one block south of Parliament Hill.  Sparks Street is “Ottawa’s Historic Outdoor Pedestrian Mall”, located in the heart of the nations’s capital. This mall is frequented by 70,000 commuters, business personnel, politicians and tourists daily.  Sparks street is also home to many annual events such as winter festivals.

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Clear Channel Outdoor describes the location for the campaign as follows:

“Ottawa has been an underbuilt market with fragmented coverage in many areas. Transit shelters, and Sparks Street Mall posters are really the only mediums that provide comprehensive coverage within an aesthetically pleasing display. Downtown areas, including Parliament Hill, are covered as are the suburbs. Canada’s fourth-largest market is now easily accessible through this far reaching medium.”

1100 ad faces throughout Ottawa Choice of ad location(s).
Street Level medium High visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Full market coverage Rapid reach and frequency with multi-faced campaigns
Backlit faces 24/7 brand presence. – “Always On.”
Cost effective Low cost production costs for
maximum impressions
street ad

Proposed Street Advertisement

Bill C-322 seeks to end the import and export of horses for slaughter for human consumption. British Columbia MP Alex Atamanenko is the author of this private members bill, which has brought about the introduction of thousands of petitions in the House of Commons calling for an end to the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Alex and Charlotte have collaborated together on previous billboards,  and he participated in the launch of the Calgary billboard.

“It seems very clear that the horsemeat industry has been exempted from the same production standards required for beef and other food animals,” noted Atamanenko.  “Cattle farmers especially would be right to start questioning such an obvious double standard.”

“Phenylbutazone, a drug commonly prescribed to horses, is not permitted to enter the food chain as it has been associated with serious health issues in humans,” advises Dr. Sandie G. Hucal, a medical doctor who provides sanctuary for equines.  “But with horses entering the slaughter pipeline from many different sources, there is no guarantee that all horsemeat is free of this drug.  This presents a definite food safety risk.”

Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director for CHDC points out that covert video footage captured at four separate equine slaughterhouses have repeatedly revealed unacceptable levels of suffering when horses are stunned.“This has led us to conclude that the humane slaughter of ‘flight’ animals such as horses is simply not possible.”

Update!  A generous benefactor has stepped forward and provided the entire cost of the advertising for the 4 week period!  We are enormously grateful for this wonderful donation!

Please support this effort!  The cost is $1059 for 4 weeks. Donations can be sent to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition at  Please specify “Ottawa Campaign” when donating by Paypal.


  1. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    You guys should use the Kickstarter Web site to promote this and get donations.

  2. Marie Dean · ·

    Thank you to the person that donated the whole amount for this advertising campaign. Your kindness is so much appreciated and your generosity will make a huge difference for the horses. This advertising image and campaign will bring huge awareness in Ottawa and will definitely help our horses. Thank you so much. Love to you and yours!

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