New Postcard Campaign Launched in Support of Alberta Wild Horses – Urgent Attention Needed!

Kid's/Youth Card #1 © Duane Starr

Kid’s/Youth Card #1
© Duane Starr

The CHDC, in conjunction with Free Spirit Sanctuary, is launching a Canada-wide postcard campaign to stop the capture and slaughter of Alberta’s Wild Horses. During the capture season of 2011-12 over 200 wild horses were culled, decimating many family bands.

Public pressure led to a moratorium on capture permits last season. In March, 2013 an aerial survey found a total of 853 horses over 8500 sq km. Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development is responsible for the management of the Wild Horse population.

In September, 2013 a “Feral Horse Advisory Committee” was formed with representation from several stakeholder groups, such as oil and gas, forestry, cattle ranchers, capture permit holders and hunters, that support a cull of the wild horses. Only one group, the Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS), was invited that is in an advocacy role for the horses. The FHAC, which is obviously heavily skewed toward industry and special interest groups, focused on resource exploitation in the area, will be responsible for advising ESRD on management of the wild horse herds. This does not bode well for the horses. At a FHAC meeting in early October ESRD suggested the possibility of up to 300 permits being issued for the 2013-14 season, which would obliterate 30% of the entire Wild Horse population.

This postcard campaign is directed to the Honourable Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment & Sustainable Resource Development for the province of Alberta, asking for a moratorium on capture permits and independent scientific evaluation of the actual impact of the wild horse herds on their ecosystem and determination of the total carrying capacity of their range and formulation of a management plan based on these results.  Only by doing so will consideration be given to the value placed by the people of Alberta and Canada on preserving these unique and iconic herds.

The Wild Horses of Alberta need your help now more than ever. Please get involved by requesting cards for yourself, your family, friends and people within your local community. There are four sets of cards, two specifically for children and youth, and two for the general population. The cards will come with postage stamps, so that they just need to be filled out and dropped in the mail. We hope to get 2000 adult cards and 2500 children/youth cards filled out and sent in as soon as possible. Help us make it happen!

Click to enlarge and scroll through these beautiful cards:

Postcards can be requested from Free Spirit Sanctuary through the email address below. Please specify how many children/youth cards and/or how many adult cards you would like sent. Donations toward the cost of printing and mail distribution would be appreciated and can be made through email transfer or Paypal  using the email address below:

ESRD could issue capture permits any time now. This is an URGENT situation with the future of our Wild Horses at stake, so please speak up for their protection.
You can also write directly to the Minister at the following address:

Diana McQueen

Minister of Environment & SRD

#204 Legislature Building

10800 – 97 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Phone: 780-427-2391

Fax: 780-422-6259


Twitter: @MinisterMcQueen

Further information on Alberta’s Wild Horses and other things you can do to help can be found through WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta).

Please also join and participate in the email and letter writing campaign online event through FB organized by the Canadian Wild Horses group.

Thank you for taking action for Alberta’s Wild Horses!

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