It’s Here! Our 2nd Postcard Campaign for Bill C-322

The CHDC is excited to launch our 2nd postcard campaign to promote Bill C-322!

For this campaign, we highlight Press Exclusive, a Thoroughbred mare who was badly injured while being transported to slaughter and subsequently rescued by Mindy Lovell of Transitions Thoroughbreds in Ontario.


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Press Exclusive was rehabilitated by Mindy and is now at the sanctuary of Equine Advocates in upstate New York.  We would like to do a big shout out to Mindy Lovell at Transitions Thoroughbreds and Susan Wagner at Equine Advocates.  Please visit their web sites where you can read about Press Exclusive’s journey from rescue to rehab to safe haven.

The most effective way to show your support to end horse slaughter is to let our Members of Parliament hear your voice.  Each postcard that MPs receive is another voice reminding them – another person urging them to support Bill C-322.

These postcards are available now from the CHDC.  All we ask is a nominal donation to cover postage and handling, and we’ll send you a minimum of 5 cards to distribute and mail.  No postage is necessary (not required when mailing MPs or Senators in Ottawa).

Please send your request to and donate through the PayPal “Make a Donation” button on this page.  Remember to provide your name and address.

Find your MP by using your postal code here.  Find the list of all MPs here.

Thank you for promoting Bill C-322 and helping our horses!


  1. please stop this slaughter of horses, we need you help to do so , sign the bill C-322, we need you to help us stop this horrible end to a horse.

  2. Claudia Daigle · ·

    Our Dear Canadian neighbors, please pass Bill C-322 to ban horse slaughter in Canada! It is horrifically cruel, inhumane, unnecessary, environmentally unsound, and costs Canadians many unnecessary tax dollars. Please speak up and tell your Members of Parliament to pass Bill C-322 and say no to horse slaughter in Canada!

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    Canadians: Speak up NOW with a postcard to your MP urging the to support C-322 !!!

  4. Mark Greenwood · ·

    STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER IN CANADA. It is not necessary and environmentally detrimental. Horses are not food animals in this country and should not be slaughtered here.. The solution is in breeding not killing…There is nothing else to say.

  5. jeannine wietrich · ·

    Non aux abattages des chevaux , je trouve cela inhumains , ils ont le droit à la vie ses pauvres chevaux !

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