Numerous Horses Being Offered for Sale on Siksika Nation Reserve

Siksika Nation Horses

Siksika Nation Horses

Numerous horses and yearlings available at this dispersal sale.  Siksika is where  2 horses drowned during the floods in June of this year.

Typically, horses on the reserves are sent to auction or straight to slaughter when downsizing (or $) is needed, so at least these people are trying to find homes first.


  1. “Overbreeding of Equines has got to stop!” Can,t repeat this enough… 😦

  2. I agree with Barbara, this is a good exemple of what we dont want to see, horses breed free every year, they, for the vast majority, dont have a bright future.

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I wonder if the people in charge have sense enough to geld the stallions so they don’t have so many foals? I don’t know who these people are but this type of set-up is the very reason so many horses end up slaughtered in Canada and the US. The young horses in the photos will either get a home or not, its a toss up with the horses coming out the losers.

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