Ban Victoria BC’s Horse-Drawn Carriages – Free Postcards Available From Friends of Animals

postcardsSPEAK UP! Victoria’s horse-drawn carriages are at constant risk of getting hit by vehicles. Walking and trotting on hard concrete and breathing in exhaust all day just to tow tourists around Victoria, B.C., is no way for a horse to live.

Order some of the new Friends of Animals postcards, directed to City Council asking for a ban on horse-drawn carriages.

Find them free here:

Friends of Animals (Cdn chapter) is also tackling the horse-drawn carriage issue – please check out their FB page –”)


  1. wendy... Child of Yahweh · ·

    That is insane ,, what will become of horses … this is ridiculous … I love horses and Horses love being useful … Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 02:14:09 +0000 To:

    1. I have to agree with Wendy. I generally support CHDC initiatives. But I think this one is offside. One very good way to keep horses out of slaughter houses is for them to have jobs, especially jobs that allow lots of people to interact with them, such as horse drawn carriages. Besides which, if these Horse Drawn Carriage were banned tomorrow, especially since there is no functioning Draft Horse Rescue organization in BC that I am aware of, they would likely all end up on their way to the new slaughterhouse in Westwold. Obviously, if horses are being abused in Carriage ride activities, this needs to be stopped; and both BC SPCA and local by-law enforcement officers have the authority to intervene here. Individual citizens can report abuses if they see them. I realize that one of the issues being raised is that horses in an urban environment could be hit by cars. But it’s not really possible to totally remove horses from urban environments. Consider that horses are trailered through cities often. Police horses work in cities. Even some therapeutic riding organizations are within city limits … and boarding stables … etc. Totally removing horses from an urban setting would further remove them from people’s awareness. I think this would ultimately make it more likely that they be discarded, undervalued, and slaughtered. Also consider that horses can be injured and abused in a rural setting just as easily as an urban one. In fact perhaps more so, because in the downtown core of a big city, there are people everywhere to see what is done to horses. I own horses and I drive them. The care of my horses is paramount to me. I have hosted rescued horses on my farm. I spend far more time and money feeding and providing other care (vet, farrier) for my horses than I do on myself. I certainly would not sell any horses at an auction or allow them to fall into the hands of a meat dealer. I support horse rescue organizations, and am a strong anti-slaughter advocate. In fact, I have participated in horse drawn carriage/cart rides at local functions specifically to fundraise for horse rescue organizations. Responsible carriage operators can ensure the well being of their horses (proper food, hydration, protection from the elements, foot care, avoiding overwork or fatigue, well trained drivers, etc); and certainly poor carriage operators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But I think an outright ban would do more harm than good. Sincerely, DAR.

  2. Rather have them walking the streets than see them in an auction barn with meat buyers bidding on them. Give me a break, they are working for their keep. Something that most horses can’t say. There are people surrendering their horses all over the US and Canada cause they can’t afford to feed them. Leave the horses in Victoria alone.

    1. Heather · ·

      You have no idea Dale what they endure everyday. maybe someone should have you stand on pavement all days, wearing steel shoes and breath in exhaust. Earning their keep??? I can just imagine the life of any “pet” you might possibly own. What has the fact that people are surrendering their horses anything to do with the fact that this work is hazardous to horses?

    2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      After these overworked self -supporting horses are finished pulling carriages around endlessly, then their ditched at auction for meat. Give me a break.

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