Rodeo Horses Slaughtered – Video by SHARK (Caution GRAPHIC)

Animal welfare groups, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals (ASPCA), object to rodeos. The ASPCA calls them “a cruel form of entertainment that involves the painful, stressful and potentially harmful treatment of livestock.”  The Vancouver Humane Society was instrumental in bringing international focus to the issue of rodeos in Canada,  via the League Against Cruel Sports.  This is a first step toward internationalising opposition to rodeos in Canada and making it  harder for rodeos to justify their use of animals as “entertainment.”

Please watch this video from SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) bearing in mind that it is GRAPHIC.  It showcases the disposability of rodeo horses,  who are often fatally injured in rodeos.


  1. Rachael Bannister · ·

    Every Congress person in the U.S. needs to see this video and others like it so perhaps they will stop with the horse slaughter is HUMANE garbage.

  2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    These videos NEVER get easier to watch.

  3. Judith Keene · ·

    This video must have been taken down. i cant get it to come up. it says it cant be found. Not that i really wanted to watch it anyways! Im an American and im so disgusted with this horrible country and the way they treat horses anymore. Now, the courts just ruled that the slaugherhouse in NM and a few others can start slaughtering horses again!! I am so heartsick over this! We are so against slaughter in this country but the bad guys always win, no matter how much we fight against it! Dont know what to do anymore to help the horses! Its so sad and it makes me so angry. Now we are at risk of losing all our wild horses too. Over 50,000 of them rounded up and kept in pens, probably awaiting slaughter and none of our government officials will speak out and stop it!

  4. I can’t watch or I would never be able to sleep again! This has to stop!!

  5. Dolores · ·

    So Sick crying as I can’t believe that the U.S.A, would allow such abuse,horse slaughter needs to be ended now…

  6. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I have seen videos like this before. The cruelty is something no one can ever get used to. I stopped watching any of this because you stay mad for hours after you try to sit through some of it.. It makes you want to use the bolt gun on the owner of the slaughter plant. Most of these horses are healthy so is the race horses. What a mess.

  7. GASafeHorses · ·

    No place in this world for horse slaughter!

  8. frances · ·

    god no, i cant watch this. canada is horrible for horses.

    1. Barbara Griffith · ·

      So is the US and I live here.

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