The CHDC marks a milestone!

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The CHDC is marking a blog milestone!  From the time the blog was launched in May 2010, this marks our 1,000th post on horse welfare, slaughter news and general interest stories.

Since the blog’s inception, we’ve seen the horse advocate movement grow substantially and a further unveiling of the flawed world of horse slaughter.

–       Since 2010, the CHDC has filed 4 extensive investigative reports: ( under “Investigations” tab) on Bouvry Exports and Richelieu Meats plants (2010),  Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation plant (2011), an in-depth report on 6 Standardbreds sent to slaughter in Slaughterhouse Six, and Proof of CFIA Failure – a follow-up report on one of those 6 horses, providing evidence of use of the banned drug, phenylbutazone.

– In that time, we’ve seen two anti-slaughter bills introduced in Parliament:

  • Bill C-544 was given its first reading on June 16, 2010, but was nulled when the 40th Parliamentary session ended in March 2011.  An impressive total of 62 petitions were tabled in Parliament:
  • Bill C-322 was introduced on October 5, 2011 and continues to generate more petitions and signatures.  Since March 2013 alone, the CHDC has submitted 2,384 signatures to MP Atamanenko, who introduced the bill.  An additional 122 petitions supporting Bill C-322 have been tabled.

–       Facebook growth – After a 5-year run as a Facebook Group and with close to 5,000 supporters, the CHDC re-launched as a Facebook Page in January 2013 which continues to gain committed supporters every week.

–       We’re also on Twitter and Youtube

–       CHDC Blog viewings: 384,488 views with 5,646 comments.  The CHDC blog is viewed worldwide from as far away as New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean to our wonderful supporters here in Canada and the U.S.

We’ve collected some noteworthy blog postings from over the years.  Here’s a selection of some significant posts:

New undercover investigation inside Quebec slaughterhouse

Animal Abuse Confirmed by CFIA at Canadian horse slaughter plants

Canadian Tax Payers Help Fund Horse Slaughter

OSPCA Fails a Champion

WTHR 13 Investigates: Indiana horses sent to slaughter

OSPCA Fails Another Horse – This Time with Tragic Consequences

May Equine Awareness

Norval Meats Permanent Closure and Memorial

SLAUGHTERHOUSE SIX – Six Standardbreds Who Met Their Death in a Canadian Slaughterhouse

Report from the CHDC at a Lindsay, Ontario Feedlot

CFIA and the Art of Evasion

The True Faces of Horse Slaughter:  Inside Alberta’s Horse Feedlots

Horsemeat: A Delicacy to Die For?

CHDC Exposes Live Draft Horse Shipped to Japan for Slaughter

Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and horse slaughter plants have in common

CHDC files complaints with the CFIA and Transport Canada about live horse shipments to Japan

Proof of CFIA Failure

The European horsemeat scandal continues to horrify around the world.

Star Investigation: Drugged horses slipping through ‘inadequate’ food system

MP Atamanenko and CHDC question the Government

Canada’s largest city supports Bill C-322!

A Chance for you to tell the Provincial horse councils and federations to do the right thing

CHDC releases ATI document regarding a full-term mare who foaled on a truck going to slaughter

Several billboards were put up at various locations across Canada.

The CHDC nominated for Horse Health & Welfare Award sponsored by Beohringer Ingelheim and Equine Canada

CHDC releases ATI documents regarding biological hazards at Canadian horse slaughter plant

Fifth horse slaughter plant opens in Westwold, British Columbia

The CHDC continues to collaborate with other countries around the globe.  In February 2013, Animals’ Angels USA and Tierschutzbund of Switzerland released a report on conditions at feedlots within the Bouvry slaughter empire with footage and information supplied by the CHDC.

Where are we today?

Since the blog’s launch 3½ years ago, we are disappointed to say that it’s business as usual for the Conservative government and their protection of Canada’s horse slaughter industry.

The CHDC’s investigative reports on shocking conditions inside Canada’s slaughter plants did result in reportedly improved conditions to slaughterhouse structures and procedures, but horses still continue to suffer from abuse, neglect and cruel slaughter practices, from auction to transport to kill box, where thousands are killed every week.

Some horses do catch a break and are rescued from the slaughter pipeline and we salute those individuals who give these horses the soft landings they so justly deserve.  We’ve reported on these stories in the past and will welcome reporting on many more.

Canadian regulations and laws continue to be disputed, ignored and broken in the process.  While we continue to gather momentum and supporters across the country, we sincerely hope that, as we mark this significant landmark, you will continue to help us by doing all that you can to educate and spread the word to protect our horses and gather support for Bill C-322.

Horse federations, breed associations and the government continue to deflect and disregard the growing chorus of voices calling for an end to an industry that exploits our horses and perpetuates a culture of neglect, pain and suffering.  The only ones that profit from horse slaughter are auction houses, kill buyers and slaughter plant owners.

How you can help!

We would like to salute the horse supporters who continue to advocate on this issue, either through social media or by educating politicians and others.

Most importantly, please communicate with your Member of Parliament and continue to reach out in your community!

To find out more, please go to our Do It Now website page.  There you will find information on Bill C-322, petitions you can save and print, links for Members of Parliament and more!

And please remember, petitions are a must!  Every time they are read in Parliament, it reminds MPs that voters insist this industry be shut down.  It also helps keep Bill C-322 prominent on the Parliamentary agenda.

Please put your energies into lobbying your MP (particularly Liberal and Conservative MPs, since the NDP is largely on board).  The fall session will only run from October 16th to December 13th.  We ask supporters to get their petitions in before the end of 2013.

In ending, we’d like to mark this 1,000th post by sharing our latest YouTube video, The Road to Slaughter.

Thank you for your continued support.

For the horses,
The CHDC Board of Directors

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  1. Thank you for being there.
    Did you hear the truly frightening news about the OSPCA? 5.5 MILLION dollars?
    wow. That will buy a LOT of big-screen TV’s. Obscene, that MY taxes are paying for their utter incompetence. Will any of the money be used to “lobby” the government for animal welfare law changes? My bet is HELL, no. WE are supposed to spend OUR money to lobby government. The OSPCA just gets to bank their “winnings”. A whole lot of interest can be made with that money, and if they invest it wisely? (shivers) I received another “begging for donations” mailing from the OSPCA. It was a big, thick mailing. Cost LOTS of money. I put it in the vertical files aka the trash. It mentioned 140 Italian Greyhounds seized from a horrible situation. No proof of those horrible conditions, of course. I guess we just have to take their word for it. I’ll never believe them again.
    I will be very interested to see how they spend this windfall. Will it be spent on helping animals?
    My bet is again, HELL, no.
    Thanks again, CHDC. Your voice of reason helps me get out of bed in the morning.

  2. jean robertson · ·

    Thank you for all the effort you put into this cause without you there would be not a chance of ending horse slaughter. Would it be possible for you to revise your information sheet which states there are 4 slaughter plants in operation in Canada to add KML Meats to that list. A hundred copies run off in black and white and then high lighted are very inexpensive. I leave them in the malls in areas where people congregate. It would be nice if KML Meats was included so locals would know what was happening in their own back yard. The local paper won’t print anything on the slaughter issue.

  3. Thank you CHDC for all your hard work!!

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