Video satire – Billy Bob describes the typical auction horse

We’re pleased to present another video satire in the Billy Bob series to brighten your day.  In this one Billy Bob describes the typical auction horse:



  1. Penny Sproule · ·

    I love this video and I think it is very true. We have to stop this horrible thing from happening any more to these beautiful creatures. Thankyou Billy Bob

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    mpclark, I live in the US and I hope you can make more headway than the other organizations that are working trying to pass the two anti-slaughter bills. These bills can’t pass without the senate which seems not to care anything about stopping US horses from being shipped to Canada/Mexico. If the US Senate would cooperate it could be passed tomorrow. There is 157 cosponsors in the House that supports H.R.1094 which is more than enough to pass H.R.1094 but if your lucky the Senate is about 29 all told. The US Senate has been the major blockage to getting any bill to the floor for a vote for the past ten years and I don’t see that changing any time soon. These politicians are to busy trying to push ObamaCare and Immigration Reform to be bothered with these two bills. I hope we get some help on this before time runs out on the bills. The US senate are given large sums of money, AKA donations to block any bill that is introduced. There are well paid lobbyists that make the rounds in DC to the Reps and Senators offices to talk against both bills. It looks like it hasn’t worked with the Reps but the Senators get the largest donations. In other words they are bought off to ignore S.541.

  3. Perfect. This will be used in my US anti-slaughter online volunteer work.
    You nailed it! This makes my day.
    I will check for more.

    (For those who want to support the first-step US legislation, the SAFE Act sitting in the US Congress, just write through under contacts for elected officials. Use a general template and send to as many as you can in either the House or the Senate as you have time. We are working on this here in the US. We support your legislation as we can. Together we can win.)

  4. GASafeHorses · ·

    No way! Abolish killing the horses. Boycott meat that should solve the problem.

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