Bouvry protest report

On Sunday Octobert 27, 2013 the protest at the Bouvry horse slaughter plant just outside of Fort Macleod was held.  This protest had been organized by Anita Virginillo and drew much support.

Even though the weather was very bad a small number of dedicated anti-slaughter supporters were able to attend and make this a success!

1401828_1401399506763495_1492740481_oThrough blinding snow & freezing wind, they stood their ground, holding placards high with pride.

One unidentified gentleman was there to protest the protesters.  He elected, for the most part, to stay in his car but did eventually come out to challenge the peacefully marching protesters.

As you can see in the video at the end of the CTV news clip, a lively discussion ensued.  Due to the high winds each side had to raise their voices to be heard.  Sadly, the gentleman appeared to become agitated by the protesters and yelled to a passing security vehicle to “throw her in jail”, when he realized that he couldn’t intimidate protester, Joie Bilodeau.

Bilodeau was also told to “get off the property”, by a Bouvry security guard.  She politely informed him that they were only there to protest.

Being a Sunday and with the terrible weather, traffic was understandably light but, even so, the group did get quite a few honks & waves.
The protest was initially supposed to be from 1pm until 4pm.  The protesters realized that, in the journey to slaughter, horses have to endure much worse than a little snow and cold, so they elected to continue on as long as they could, however, the weather worsened and they departed earlier than anticipated.

It was a unanimous decision to head home after the media arrived.  One brave videographer from CTV Calgary made the dangerous trip in the blizzard like conditions, to cover the protest.  Kudos to him, because the poor guy didn’t even have a pair of gloves on!  He was kind enough to keep repeating what warriors, troopers and dedicated people the protesters were for holding this protest on such a miserable day.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    To all who stood out in bad weather conditions, whats important is that your message got out. For those of us in the Province of Ontario it is time to protest this barbaric industry on the lawn of the Toronto Legislature demanding the NDP and Liberals support BillC322 in the same manner as the Toronto Municipal Council did with UNANIMIOUS support. Having Ontario come out in favour of BillC322 SENDS A MOST POWERFUL MESSAGE. oh yes if this can become reality I will be there with two others.
    Lets Do This

  2. egryeyes · ·

    Thanks everyone, your kind words really do mean a lot & thank you to those who have shared my video & this blog.
    The guy I was arguing with, was standing in front of the main doors, laughing & talking to the security guard that told me to get off the property, right before the protest began. I have more video of him, like when his 2 friends who were supporting him, gave him the finger & left, & of me standing near his truck & letting him read my placard that read “If horsemeat is too poisonous for dogs, why is it fed to humans? Support Bill C-322” & him just saying “I can’t read jibberish”. As for the starving horses, I told him it’s because of people like him who abuse them & tried to say that Bouvry wont slaughter them anyway, but as you can see, he ran off before I could say anything.
    As for his reaction to my proof, it was because he knows who the person who’s name I mentioned, is & that was his “Oh sh*t!” moment.

  3. Good work everyone who was there on such a rotten Alberta day!!! It needs to be done again & hopefully on a day the weather has a little mercy!! Don’t let up it hit the news & it needs to stay in the news.

  4. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Thank you to those wonderful people who stood out there in the cold and freezing wind to make thus protest happen. I posted your UTube video to my Facebook site. I loved it. Blessed are the compassionate. United States and Canada we are in this together. Stop the export and close the slaughter houses. Get rid of these sadistic bastards who make money off our horse’s bodily pain; and continue to insist that horse meat is safe for human consumption. Pass the laws that stop the trafficking and the slaughtering of our precious horses.

  5. Starving any animal is a crime and people who commit those crimes are criminals. So is that man saying that we need horse slaughter to stop a rise in criminal activity within the horse owning community.

  6. Breaks my heart. I so wish I could have been there to stand up for the horses. I’m trying to do whatever I can here in the east.

  7. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I have a good idea that the man that stopped and started the fight was a friend of Bouvries. You will notice that nobody else stopped and acted like that. I know all of you have a tough fight ahead trying to get horse slaughter stopped just like we do in the US. As long as there is a market for horse meat in Europe the fight will never end. But, everything I am reading says that the eating of horse meat is dropping in Europe. I was surprised about the reaction in France when consumers found out about horse meat being found in frozen dinners. Consumers were mad over it. Because I had always heard that horse meat was high on the menu. It looks like its not anymore. I believe that the horse meat that Bouvry is shipping out is part of what is being found in frozen dinners and other frozen prepared food items. The problem with the meat being found in the food supply is more wide spread than what is being reported in the newspapers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the more the consumer finds out about it the madder they will get.

  8. Bless you and Thank You for taking a stand against this atrocity under such harsh conditions. Onward! US advocates are behind you!

  9. You know, I find this photo so sad. If this picture can,t speak a thousand words, then what will it take. ~
    Again, “BRAVO” to all these kind, compassionate and brave folks, for standing up for the Horses who do not deserve to be put through evil slaughter. (Never mind what the man says, hes just a grumpy old son of a gun, who needs to get a life!!)

    There were Protests in the past, present and many more to come. It doesn,t stop there.
    Support BILL C-322!

    Thank-You! merci!

    Bless ~

  10. Susan Setzke · ·

    You have my most deepest and sincerest gratitude and respect for choosing to hold your ground and standing up for the horses. With dedicated and compassionate people like this fighting to end horse slaughter, we will win this battle!!

  11. Heather · ·

    thank you to all the protesters for their dedication and courage to fight in what they believe in

  12. pattyhamilton · ·

    Thank you for protesting for the horses on such a tough weather day. Everyone appreciates your work to end horse slaughter. God bless you all. God bless the horses in need.

  13. WHAT AWESOME PEOPLE YOU ALL ARE!!! On behalf of everyone who cares about our horses, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  14. Such courageous, selfless, dedicated people — thinking of what a slaughter horse goes through and protesting to end slaughter. They’re working to make the world a better place.
    God bless them!

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