Horsemeat included in Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU

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Canada’s livestock and meat processing industries are cheering last week’s agreement-in-principle on a Canada-European Union trade agreement, but significant work remains before the sectors can cash in.

The industries saluted it as a chance to access a $1 billion market.

“Compared to an average value of only $54 million of meat exports to the EU during the past three years, the results of the (free trade) negotiations will offer export opportunities with a potential annual sales value of up to $1 billion for Canadian beef, pork, horsemeat, bison and prepared meats,” said the Canadian Meat Council (CMC), which represents packers.

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  1. Laureen Godin · ·

    This is just great. What a bunch of sick people, cheering for the future death of many animals to because they are going to making lots of money. Sick, sick, sick!! Why can’tpeople quit eating meat? Why is is so damn difficult to give it up? You can give up smoking or any other bad habit, why not this one? Eating meat is nothing but a bad habit. You do not need meat. it is a very selfish act, just like smoking cigarettes. I am very surprised by this decision considering all the fraudulent activity surrounding horse meat. Why did the EU include horses in this when there are so many problems? Now is the government really going to close down horse processing plants in Canada? Now for sure not at all.

  2. I don’t see why it is worse for foreigners to eat animals from Canada. If anything the EU rules may cause change in the way animals are kept. Canada is like a hinterland in terms of animal welfare. We suck.

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  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I wonder if Mexico will get in on this pie? if it wasn’t for all the US horses keeping Mexican horse slaughter plants going they would all be out of business except for one that has always killed Mexico’s horses. I live in the US and I have not heard of any trade agreement between Mexico and the EU. I doubt the cattlemen and pork producers will be up and running for a long, long time. It seems that the Canadian beef slaughter plants are always in the middle of a recall of one kind of contamination or another. With all the feed additives that the pigs are fed that is another mess that will take a long while to remedy.

  5. jean robertson · ·

    Has anyone ever watched the documentaries on National geographic or PBS about the countries they plan to ship breeding animals to? All that is shown is rocks, sand and scrubby grass nothing like we have in this country. The people are nomads and move with their animals for food. The cattle as well as the ponies (no horses) are all small and scrawny because that is all the land will support. Yaks are more common than cattle. I think it is a one time get rich plan that won’t work.
    Notice too, that they have to clean up the drug use in the animals before they will be accepted by the EU but those drugs are fine for use in food for North Americans.

  6. I wish Prime Minister Harper would have passed the bill C-322 into law and protected the horses as well as the way pigs, chickens and other animals are kept in smaller than comfortable cages before he agreed to send our beloved animals to Europe to be eaten by foreigners. Some day, soon I hope, we will evolve away from eating animals and enjoy a healthier and cruelty free lifestyle throughout the planet.

    1. Amen! Boycott meat and save our animals.

    2. Laureen Godin · ·

      Harper do anything good for animals? Ha!! I am happy that at least he lost his crusade against the EU for seal products again for the 2nd time! he wasted more of our money, but at least I can cheer that he lost.

  7. M.J. Figueira · ·

    The news reports that I read did not include horses. It just included bovines, bison and pork. So I am not sure if this is correct. This might be some wishful thinking on the part of the Westerners. I feel sorry for the bison. They are now being attacked. No animal is safe from human carnivores.

    1. V Fisher · ·

      Yes, says horsemeat, unfortunately. The Alberta Minister for Agriculture, Verilyn Olsen, just returned from a trip to Kazakhstan with Gerry Ritz to see about importing live horses there so they can make more money. Don’t think those people are too worried about drugs either.

      1. It will be truly sad for the horses as they will suffer horribly on a long trip across seas, many will surely die along the way just as sheep do when they are transported from New Zealand to Africa and their carcasses are dumped into the ocean. 😦

    2. I’m afraid horsemeat is indeed included in this deal. ” unlimited duty-free exports of Canadian horsemeat; and, unlimited duty-free exports of Canadian prepared meats.”

      This is from the Canadian Meat Council’s website, you can read the document here:

  8. V Fisher · ·

    The Canadian Government wouldn’t mention drug contamination! For years CFIA has denied, lied, and refused to answer those questions, and now they have passed it to Health Canada. Let’s see what these clowns do! Lock up your horses and feed them bute. USA, keep your horses south of the boarder. Let the EU use its own horses, if they must, but stay away from ours.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Believe me, we would LOVE to keep our horses out of Canadian slaughter plants! However, unless Canada closes their borders to American horses or Congress actually passes anti-horse slaughter legislation – very unlikely – we cannot stop it.

  9. jean robertson · ·

    They didn’t mention the drug contamination in the horsemeat.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      They never do.

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